Meet CloudShift at Dreamforce

CloudShift are delighted to confirm our attendance at Dreamforce in San Francisco from Tuesday 19th to Friday 22nd November. Book a time to meet with us.

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CloudShift at MuleSoft CONNECT 2019

The CloudShift and Salesforce Property Event 2019 - Highlights

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CloudShift at Dreamforce 2019 Dreamforce 2019 #DF19 is only a couple months away and our CEO and Founders will be heading out for a busy few days in San Francisco. …

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Salesforce Partners Career Day

Salesforce Partner Career Day – Key Takeaways Yesterday our CEO, Alastair Murray, joined by other Salesforce ecosystem leaders, participated in a panel discussion at Salesforce Tower. The Salesforce Partners Career …

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The CloudShift & Salesforce Property Event – Key Takeaways We recently held our annual CloudShift and Salesforce Property Event at the IET London Savoy Place, with over 100 guests in …

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