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Key Takeaways from our Tableau for Salesforce Customers Webinar

Key Takeaways from our Tableau for Salesforce Customers Webinar

We were delighted to host a Tableau for Salesforce Customers webinar alongside our friends from Tableau and special guests recently. We saw some fascinating discussions and demonstrations and couldn’t resist the opportunity to write down all the key takeaways from the event!

Data-Driven Organisations Better Understand Their Customers

First up was Charlie Wheeler, Account Executive at Tableau who explained how data-driven organisations stand head-and-shoulders above the rest. They are 23 times more likely to add customers, 6.5 times more likely to retain customers, and 19 times more likely to be profitable! He demonstrated how using both Tableau and Salesforce unlocks the value of your data and gives you a complete 360 view of the customer.

The Future of Data & Universal Analytics 

Next up was a fireside chat between Simon Quinton, UKI Country Manager at Tableau and George Sandford, Head of Sales at CloudShift. Simon explained how the real differentiator for businesses is not data visualisation, but rather being able to embed insight into business processes. The next generation of data and analytics is in making AI-driven actions available to people at the time of decision making. A potential use case might be a Sales Manager checking a Slack channel in the morning which automatically generates a list of actions for them to complete during the day.

Simon spoke about how the pandemic has shown us how data and analytics is no longer seen as a “nice-to-have” and is now at the forefront of business strategy. He spoke about the value of “externalising” data, i.e. exposing business data back to customers (for example within a Salesforce Community portal), and how this has created an entirely new revenue stream for businesses.

Keeping Data Inside Salesforce for Analysis

Joe Pickin, Tableau Consultant at CloudShift then visualised our survey data in Tableau and found that 45% of respondents exported their data outside of Salesforce for analysis. With Tableau’s Salesforce data connector, this isn’t necessary. Joe took us through a demo which visualised data from Salesforce, Excel, and SQL Server without exporting a single row of data from any of those systems!

The ‘Secret Sauce’ for Implementing Tableau

Our final discussion of the day was between Dr Nick Mayhew, Chief Commercial Officer at Axora and Abi Chan, Head of Customer Solutions at CloudShift. Nick explained how, when Axora were implementing Tableau in the organisation, they quickly realised the importance of sorting out the structure of data that feeds into Tableau. For example, during a Tableau workshop with CloudShift, he remarked upon the time the expert spent setting up the data sources before creating any visualisations.

Nick also spoke about how Axora is using Tableau to build self-service dashboards for their solution providers to allow them to have data-driven conversations. He believes this will increase engagement and showcase the value Axora is providing, without spending any time pulling together the data manually.


We hope you enjoyed the webinar as much as we did! As a thank you for attending, we’d love to offer you a free 14-day trial of Tableau Desktop plus an hour of free consultation time with a Tableau Expert at CloudShift to help you get set up.

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We are now the Globant Salesforce Studio

We are delighted to announce that CloudShift has become the Globant UK Salesforce Studio.
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