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Security Summit 2021 Key Takeaways

CloudShift and Salesforce Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways from our CloudShift and Salesforce Security Summit

We were delighted to host our Security Summit with our friends at Salesforce recently. It was a fantastic afternoon full of great industry insights, fireside chats, solution demos and secrets to implementation success. Here’s some of our key takeaways we wanted to share with you;

Embracing Technology and the Data Explosion
Sally Craxton from Salesforce was joined by Chris Moore who drew from his 17 years experience at New Scotland Yard before joining Salesforce as their Global Safety & Security Senior Manager. The two discussed the recent significant changes to the security landscape and the agility of organisations to respond to a more product to portfolio selling model and capitalising on the wealth of data now available.

“As organisations look to establish a new norm, we can’t overlook the catalyst the pandemic was for changing not only the demand but the expectations of security personnel” explained Chris. “Technology was always emerging in this industry, but it is now at a pace that is unprecedented and with that there’s a data explosion from all sources resulting in mass volumes of information. Capitalising on this wealth of data will be key for being successful in the market”.

From health and wellness metrics and risk ratings to government guidance and health and safety protocols, there’s not just an expectation to record this data but to manage and interpret the data, producing information and insights designed for action.

With more data comes more advanced security systems which has led to organisations calling on security providers to be omnicompetent and multi-skilled to support them. In turn, the opportunities for upskilling are greater than ever, challenging security teams to embrace technology and be agile to the changing requirements of organisations.

Digital First Customer Experience
Next up Martina Mahady gave us an overview of how businesses are overcoming some of the key challenges within the security industry. “Following a round table with security industry leaders, we understand the impact the pandemic has had on the three pillars of an organisation; people, process and technology. From the focus of health and wellbeing and the pivot to working from home and hybrid working, the changing customer demands resulting in the need for upskilling within workforces, to the digital first approach which sees redundant applications replaced with more cloud-based services“ explained Martina.

When looking at how we introduce Salesforce with the 360 customer first experience we start with how marketing applications can have a huge impact on Customer engagement. Putting Customer experience at the forefront and focusing on building a trusted relationship based on sharing industry knowledge, insights and offering additional relevant services. Sales then supports bid managers streamline the tender life cycle management, with governance and approval built in. Service Cloud manages customer insights and instilling competence within the workforce, preparing them with the tools and data they require to meet the needs of the Customer. These among other Salesforce clouds and the integration of existing technology, not only streamline processes but centralised the data across the organisation.

Utilising Data for Customer Insights
A recurring point throughout the summit was how we utilise the data that we collect. Our speaker Becky Hawley from Tableau discussed the importance of creating a centralised source of truth. With the introduction of AI based insights, transparent predictions and recommendations, we can empower people with insights so they can make informed actions and maximise the data assets available. “The impact this has on front line sales and service teams means they are able to be more efficient and utilise insights from across the organisation without the need to cross reference multiple applications” explained Becky.

Driving Efficiently with Salesforce
Demonstrating an end-to-end customer journey, Chloe Kiely guided us through a typical Salesforce solution, from raising the opportunity and the initial stages of tendering, through to progressing the quotes and on to managing that customer relationship. Chloe explains “the purpose of Salesforce is to bring together all the high level information about the customer into one place giving account managers the option to drill into the details when required, driving actionable insights and prompts for the next steps”. We also see how the platform can streamline day-to-day processes like managing tickets and issues raised by customers. All this demonstrates how Salesforce can give the organisation a 360 view of their customers, in turn setting them up for success in being re-awarded contracts.

Implementation Success with CloudShift
Our own Abi Chan and David Kurtanjek then talked about the process of implementing Salesforce and the digital transformation journey. Noting that for some, step one can feel the hardest, “but with CloudShift as a consulting partner, we can support you in tailoring an approach base on all things unique to your business whether that be your people, culture, processes and of course your existing technology”, guiding you through with our road mapping and process blueprinting. Putting the users at the heart of the transformation ensures the solution tackles the day-to-day pain points that should be a priority. This early engagement, along with user onboarding, goes a long way in ensuring a successful adoption. In addition, picking a partner that not only provides a technical understanding of your requirements but challenges you on your strategy and processes can have a significant influence on the success of the implementation and the benefits you stand to gain from the digital transformation. David reiterates “communication is key, both internally and externally”. It’s of utmost importance that everyone knows what is happening and why, and what they are responsible for in order to reach the common goal of implementation success and creating a foundation for future growth.

Thank you to everyone who joined our event. We look forward to helping you on your digital transformation journey with Salesforce.

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We are now the Globant Salesforce Studio

We are delighted to announce that CloudShift has become the Globant UK Salesforce Studio.
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