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Process Blueprinting

Our Process Blueprinting service helps to align the right technology with your business goals. Understanding how your business works and the processes you follow, helps us to create the Salesforce roadmap on your digital transformation journey. The base for successful Blueprinting will come from our initial Discovery Workshops. These will consider how your people, process and platforms operate across the Customer experience, helping to create a solid Digital Strategy (insert link) on which to build your Blueprint.

What our Process Blueprinting involves

  • Identify the key requirements for your business, initiatives and metrics
  • Mapping out your business processes to analyse and optimise for efficiencies
  • Understanding the timeline for the project, as well as costs for implementation and roll-out
  • Work out what is required in the licensing mix (Sales, Service, Marketing, Etc)
  • Scope the key integrations and any 3rd party apps that can be leveraged as part of the solution
  • Plan for training and change management to ensure successful user adoption
  • Output of a phased, costed and prioritised roadmap for your Salesforce implementation


  • Identify any pitfalls early so they can be avoided
  • Clear and transparent plan for your project
  • Plan for integrations by working in parallel with other parties
  • Reduce future contingency
  • Reduce implementation time and risk
  • Prioritise goals

Why CloudShift?

  • Founded by ex-Salesforce enterprise customers with multi FTSE 100 implementation experience
  • Fastest growing, multi-award winning Salesforce platinum partner
  • Experts in multi-cloud, complex programs and integration
  • Work across all Salesforce products in stack

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