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Using Data to Drive Smarter Decision-Making

Digital Transformation Insights: The High Tech Industry

The way we work is constantly evolving and the needs of the Customer are continuously developing at a rapid pace. It is imperative that companies are able to quickly identify these changes in Customer preferences and make key decisions that add value to the Customer experience. As Philip Neal, Area Vice President of High Tech & Healthcare for Salesforce UKI states; “data is now more powerful than ever”, to the point where a reported 82% of data-driven companies were shown to have a critical advantage throughout the pandemic. Digital solutions such as Salesforce, Mulesoft & Tableau have provided companies with the data, tools and insights they need for a complete 360-degree view of their Customers, and enable them to make smarter, well-informed decisions.

Alongside our friends at Salesforce, Tableau, and MuleSoft, we held our annual High Tech Summit on May 26th 2021. We spoke with some of our High Tech Customers about their experience implementing Salesforce, and discussed what benefits the platform has brought them. During the Summit, we examined how Salesforce has enhanced the three key areas critical for success. These being; Connecting Customer Experiences, Driving Smarter Decisions with Data and Empowering Employees. Let’s explore how Salesforce has provided our Customers with the insights necessary to drive smarter decisions following its integration across their business.

Understanding the Customer's Needs

As highlighted by Philip Neal; “Empowered with the right data, companies in the High Tech industry can leverage decision-making in the face of uncertainty, wherever and however they work.” If utilised correctly, data enables companies to make decisive actions without concern of ambiguity or uncertainty, allowing employees to make smarter decisions on how to best serve their customers. During our discussion with Avnee Davé from Information Security Forum (ISF), Avnee spoke about their positive experience following their Salesforce implementation. She said; “There was a lot of manual effort before Salesforce was integrated within our infrastructure. We wanted 1 point of authoritative data, and there was a lack of that with the different systems we had.” Explaining that Salesforce provided ISF with a 360-degree overview of their customer journey, it continues to enable them to make smarter data-led decisions that add value to their offerings.

360° View of the Customer

With the global shift to hybrid home working over the past year, there has been an increased need for centralised access to data throughout the company. Philip Neal highlights that employees need to be able to “instantly access, compile and analyse customer data” regardless of where they are located. This streamlines essential tasks throughout the business, providing employees with the time to focus on the Customer experience, and drive smarter key decisions.

Gaining this transparency across the company is necessary to construct a 360-degree view of the customer, enabling companies to effectively predict and serve the needs of their Customers. Avnee Davé from ISF emphasised that Salesforce was chosen for this reason. Noting that; “Salesforce is really good with integrating things, we were looking to get more of a 360 overview of the Customer journey. That was the most pivotal thing for us, having a connected view of the Customer from start to finish.” This allowed ISF to continuously monitor their Customer’ satisfaction, and make smarter decisions to ensure they have a positive experience with the company.

The key takeaway is that High Tech companies need to make data, tools, and insights more accessible in order to drive smarter decision-making. As Philip Neal states; “In an uncertain world, data enables decisive action”, and companies need to be able to make these key decisions quickly to ensure that they create an enjoyable Customer journey, and to continuously improve their service.

In addition to using data to drive smarter decision-making, our High Tech summit also highlighted the importance for High Tech companies to consider connecting Customer experiences through digital transformation and empowering employees through data. Read more about those topics here…

Empowering Employees Through Data

Connecting Customer Experiences in High Tech

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We are now the Globant Salesforce Studio

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