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Connecting Customer Experiences in High Tech

Digital Transformation Insights: The High Tech Industry

Companies within the High Tech industry have always been at the fore-front of technological development. As technology continues to evolve daily, and as services migrate online, it is crucial that High Tech companies are able to stay competitive through their offering. As Philip Neal, Area Vice President, High Tech & Healthcare for Salesforce summarises; “there is a noticeable shift toward delivering the ‘total experience,’ with companies looking to build more connected, relevant and meaningful relationships for Customers.”

Along with our friends at Salesforce, MuleSoft and Tableau, we held our annual High Tech Summit on May 26th 2021. We convened with some of our High Tech Customers and discussed their experience with the integration of Salesforce across their company, specifically how Salesforce enhanced the three key areas critical for success. These being; Connecting Customer Experiences, Driving Smarter Decisions with Data and Empowering Employees. We’ll be exploring how Salesforce has provided our Customers with the insights necessary to provide more personalised engagement and create a connected Customer experience.

A New Kind of Customer Relationship

The traditional Customer relationship is now a thing of the past. As technology has rapidly developed, companies are now expected to be able to deliver personalised services anytime, anywhere. Therefore increasing the importance of maintaining and continually developing your Customer relationships to improve their ‘total experience’, in order to stay ahead.

Personalisation has become an increasingly important aspect. Businesses are now more aware of the customer experience than ever before and are expecting a B2C like experience. Companies need to leverage their data platforms to generate greater insights, analysis and predictive Customer analytics in order to make data-driven decisions. Salesforce makes providing a personalised service to every Customer a much simpler process. Avnee Davé, Product Manager of ISF, reflects on this aspect of ISF’s Salesforce implementation. Stating “we wanted to personalise that experience for members, and we’ve done that. Making sure we can put relevant information in front of the user, through recording the data we have about the user.” All Customer interactions are saved as data, ensuring that when a Customer returns and engages with any touch-point, they are met with an experience tailored to their needs. In turn keeping the Customer interested and engaged with the company and creating a more enjoyable journey.

Centralising the Customer Experience

To be able to effectively maintain this standard of Customers’ expectations, it is essential that High Tech companies have one centralised system to provide their offering to Customers. Avnee Davé explained how this aspect of their implementation has impacted their Customers’ journey; “we are now able to provide a richer experience, so when our members log in they know where to go to get the information they need, their whole journey has been dramatically improved.” Reportedly this created a much smoother and smarter experience for their Customers, providing ISF the time and space they need to focus on more value generating activities.

Additionally, having a single, centralised system allows the company to collect and process Customer data globally. Philip Neal highlights that “integrating with existing tools, companies can connect the dots within their organisation and beyond. They can offer a truly cross-channel Customer experience.” Providing the company with the data, tools and insights to continue to develop and supplement their offering. Ed Massey, Principal, Global Strategic Partnerships at GoCardless reiterated this point about their Salesforce implementation; “People can offer an improved level of service, you’ve got people seeing all that data in front of them, they’re not having to go to a different system, or having to call a different number to speak to the right people.”

The key takeaway is that High Tech companies must effectively digitise their offering in order to meet the highly innovative nature of the industry, and the constantly increasing expectations of the Customer. To stay competitive, it has become essential that there is one centralised system in place, in order to further personalise the Customers’ journey and to continue to develop the Customers’ ‘total experience’ with the company.

In addition to the key role connecting Customer experience has for business success, our High Tech summit also highlighted the importance for High Tech companies to consider using data to drive smarter decision-making and using data to empower employees. Read more about those topics here…

Using Data to Drive Smarter Decision-Making

Empowering Employees Through Data

To start your digital transformation, and begin connecting your Customers’ experiences, please get in contact with us!

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We are now the Globant Salesforce Studio

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