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Empowering Employees Through Data

Digital Transformation Insights: The High Tech Industry

Empowering employees is now more important than ever. Companies in the High Tech space have shifted to become increasingly digitised, transforming their traditional processes, and capitalising on the value of data. In order to stay ahead of the competition, companies need to be able to empower their employees by providing them with the data, tools and insights necessary to be able to make smarter, faster decisions.

In partnership with Salesforce, Tableau, and MuleSoft, we held our High Tech Summit on May 26th this year. We spoke with some of our High Tech Customers about their experience implementing Salesforce, and discussed what benefits the platform has brought them. During the Summit, we examined how Salesforce has enhanced the three key areas critical for success. These being; Connecting Customer Experiences, Driving Smarter Decisions with Data, and Empowering Employees. Let’s explore how Salesforce has Empowered our Customers’ Employees following its integration across their business.

Creating Visibility of the Customer

Data is an extremely powerful asset in the High Tech industry. As Philip Neal, Area Vice President of High Tech & Healthcare for Salesforce in the UK explains; there has been an increasing need for “companies to establish a data-driven culture.” This ensures that employees have increased visibility to customer data, and enables them to make faster, more informed decisions.

Effective implementation of CRM systems such as Salesforce drives internal efficiency within an organisation. Salesforce, Tableau and Mulesoft empower employees by providing more efficient means to access data, tools and insights, and providing employees time to conduct more value generating activities. As Rishi Naik, Commercial Technology Manager at GoCardless explains; “We created more selling time by taking time away from doing admin, creating contracts or approvals.” Providing employees with the space to make smarter, value-oriented decisions.

The Necessity of Data Literacy

Although collecting data is extremely important within the High Tech industry, it becomes irrelevant if employees are not able to read and understand the data. Data-working and data literacy in employees is critical for High Tech companies. As Philip Neal highlights, “aligning data, tools and decision-making, companies gain a competitive advantage.” Therefore increasing the importance that employees are able to read, understand and interpret their data.

At our summit, Tableau was noted as a key system to increase data literacy within a company. Tableau’s key functionality lies within its ability to collate, process then present data to employees in a visual, more accessible and interactive dashboard. Empowering employees by enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of their Customers, resulting in more informed, value-generating decisions being made. Dr Nick Mayhew, Chief Commercial Officer of Axora highlighted this benefit following their implementation; “When we talk to a solution provider, we’re talking data. We’re talking about what we’re seeing and can be confident and efficient when pulling data out.”

Power of Reflection

Alongside using data to empower employees by giving them a deeper understanding of the Customer, data can be used to evaluate a team’s progress. As discussed by Philip Neal, “Data allows organisations to remove the barriers, ambiguity and uncertainty that exists in their organisation. Data enables companies to predict how and where to best serve their Customers. Used properly, it streamlines every sector of the business.” This allows employees to put more of their focus on enhancing the Customer experience.

Max Baldwin, Group Sales and Marketing Director at NCC Group emphasised the importance of reflecting on processes; “We’re able to look at the skill required for each customer, where, why, how, and we have the tools to be able to understand where we can deliver that from.”

As Philip Neal summarises, the key takeaway is that High Tech companies “must enable their employees to access and analyse their data to make better-informed decisions – faster.” Empowering employees with greater visibility of Customers’ data, that is accessible and comprehendible, enables them to gain a deeper understanding of how to improve the Customer’s experience.

In addition to empowering employees through data, our High Tech summit also highlighted the importance for High Tech companies to consider connecting Customer experiences through digital transformation and driving smarter decision-making with data. Read more about those topics here…

Connecting Customer Experiences in High Tech

Driving Smarter Decision-Making with Data

To begin utilising data to empower your employees, please get in contact with us!

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