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Key Highlights and Takeaways: CloudShift High Tech Summit 2021

Discover all the key takeaways and highlights from the CloudShift & Salesforce Annual High Tech Summit 2021.

We held our annual CloudShift & Salesforce Virtual High Tech Summit on Wednesday 26th May with over 100 guests attending to hear some really terrific insights and lessons learnt from our Customer speakers. Alongside our Customers we also had Salesforce and Tableau solution experts demoing the products that have transformed businesses in the High Tech industry, plus a great session from our parent company Globant on Augmented Coding: AI meets Software Development.

In total, we had 9 unique sessions covering a wide range of topics totalling 4 hours of amazing content tailored for the High Tech industry. We have put together vignette highlights of each of our Customer sessions so you can access all their valuable insights, lessons learnt and best practices whenever you need them.

We kicked off the event with a welcome and industry point of view from CloudShift CEO Alastair Murray and Phil Neal, Area Vice President at Salesforce. Our first breakout sessions focused on our Customers GoCardless, Axora, Information Security Forum and NCC Group, and the digital transformation journeys each of them has gone through. The sessions detailed the objectives and goals set and how CloudShift and Salesforce have helped them realise and exceed these goals. Also shared were some of the lessons learnt and best practices our Customers have developed during their digital transformation projects.

Three solution demos followed our Customer sessions that covered all the latest innovations from Salesforce and Tableau. These demos provided an in-depth look at the benefits they provide business in the High Tech industry. Showcasing key functionality and demonstrating the use case of the products in a real-world setting.

The event was closed by CloudShift Customer Solutions Director David Kurtanjek and CloudShift Head of Customer Solutions Abi Chan who shared how CloudShift have worked with our many Customers to drive successful digital change and transformation across their organisations.

We would like to say a big thank you to all of our fantastic speakers who gave up their time to share their insight and advice and thank everyone who attended our annual High Tech event!

Below you can find highlights of each of the Customer sessions. We would be happy to personally talk you through their digital transformation journey and what Salesforce solutions would be most beneficial to your business.

Thank you to everyone who joined our event. We look forward to discussing how we can help your business along it’s Salesforce journey.

Customer Insights Breakout Sessions

Accelerating sales and operations efficiencies with empowering Customers and Partners
“Our mentality has always been Salesforce first,  it’s the platform for the whole go to market team. Anything we do or try and do will be based around Salesforce first. This has been a massive benefit to what we do and how we operate.”

GoCardless process £15bn of transactions annually for over 50,000 businesses worldwide and take the pain out of getting paid for businesses with recurring revenue. This session will cover how Sales and Community Cloud have enabled GoCardless to drive additional revenue streams around customer enablement and success.

Becoming a digitally smart scale up business with Salesforce
“We worked with CloudShift to make Salesforce the core of our KPI management system. All of our sales and marketing KPIs, and many of the others, are mastered in Salesforce – it’s a matter of a simple dashboard refresh and we have 25 or so weekly KPIs ready for our level 10 meeting.”

Axora is the new B2B digital solutions marketplace for industrial innovators. They make it simple for industrial companies to discover, buy and sell digital innovation which improves safety, sustainability, and efficiency across their entire operations. In this session, Nick Mayhew Chief Commercial Officer at Axora discusses how both Salesforce and Tableau give the business a platform that works for them now but also scales as the business goes through periods of rapid growth. 

Leveraging the Account 360 to deliver personalised digital Member Experiences
“Because of Salesforce, we are now able to provide a more customised and richer experience, so when our members log in they know where to go to get the information they need, their whole journey has been dramatically improved.”

ISF was founded in 1989 and is an independent, not-for-profit organisation with a membership of over 500 world-leading organisations. This session analyses how ISF have utilised the power of Salesforce to offer their Customers a far richer experience. Further discussions in the session include how ISF has utilised Community Cloud and Pardot to create a full 360 view of the Customer for superior marketing capabilities.

Transforming the sales to delivery journey on a global scale.
“One of our values is ‘working together’, and we’ve seen that in abundance when working with CloudShift. CloudShift has felt like part of the collaboration team rather than a supplier.”

Industry innovations & solutions

Fast track prospects through your sales cycle by connecting marketing and inside sales
Steph Stylianou, Principal Solution Engineer at Salesforce, leads this solution demo, which takes a look at enquiry management for sales teams in the High Tech Industry. Covering Sales Cloud, Pardot and CPQ, see how these tools can drive faster lead identification and qualification through deeper marketing capabilities and analysis.

Achieving a 360 view of your customers and performance to support account planning and growth
Danny Diaz, Principal Solution Engineer at Salesforce, Dave Felcey, Lead Platform Solution Engineer at Mulesoft and Ben Miller, Solution Engineer at Tableau team up for this session on strategic account planning. They demonstrate how bringing together the power of Salesforce, Tableau and MuleSoft can enable greater customer management and employee collaboration and provide superior data integration and insights.

Improving customer experience and efficiencies through self-service and enhanced engagement
Dev Sharma, Solution Engineer at Salesforce demos Community and Service cloud to showcase how these two Salesforce products can revolutionise your customer experience. The session takes a look at how member communities, agent support and self-service tools can provide more personalised and engaging conversations with your Customers.

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We are now the Globant Salesforce Studio

We are delighted to announce that CloudShift has become the Globant UK Salesforce Studio.
Following our acquisition by Globant over 18 months ago, CloudShift is now part of the Globant Salesforce Studio which is a 2,000 strong global Salesforce practice.

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