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Delivery & Testing

Whether your company is already using Salesforce or just getting started, our certified professionals will have your system up and running quickly, seamlessly and equipped with the newest features and latest product innovations.

What our delivery involves

  • Identify quick wins and develop a set of short and medium term objectives as part of a fully costed roadmap
  • Embed the core principles of the Agile methodology into our implementation approach detailed in a Project Execution Plan
  • Configure/customise the application as required to deliver the business requirements
  • Integrate to Outlook email, calendar and other business platforms as required
  • Focus on quality by adhering to best practice technical design principles and guidelines


  • A robust and “sticky” business solution which underpins your core business objectives
  • A successful project delivered on-time and on-budget
  • A tailored customer experience unique to your business and industry

Why CloudShift

  • We have delivered the Salesforce platform to over 600 businesses across 125 countries
  • We are a partner with a highly accredited team geared to help you succeed
  • Our business consultants will bring wide industry knowledge and best practice to your project
  • We offer both bespoke and packaged, fixed cost implementation services to fit all needs and budgets