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Thursday 7th October

We are delighted to launch our new security event in partnership with our friends at Salesforce. The Security Summit will cover key industry trends including reimagining traditional manned guarding and the integration of technical security, capitalising on the ‘data explosion’ and empowering employees to provide an exceptional customer experience.

It’s very apparent that the security industry has been under pressure and seen unprecedented market changes recently, and there has been a surge in the demand for Cloud CRM and notably within the Security Industry. Globally there is a significant appetite to accelerate digital transformation and support the spike in remote working and offer the flexibility needed for the changing security landscape.

Our Proseries 1 Event will focus on three key drivers for success in 2021

Product to Portfolio Selling

Traditional man guarding is low margin and is increasingly blended with technology (high margin). How do Security companies bring together those models to sell and operate in a portfolio and blended approach? How can you create an integrated and multi-channel enhanced experience, enabling sales teams to operate, cross sell and upsell in a different way?


As the market changes and technology starts to take a lead, the amount of data has exploded and it has become increasingly difficult for businesses to build a consolidated picture across all data streams. For both employees and customers, it has never been more important that they are presented with clear and concise data enabling them to make informed, fact-based and risk-based decisions. How can you bring together multiple data sources into one central place and provide the right people with the right data and insights?

Empowering People

The role of security personnel is constantly changing. A white glove experience is now expected alongside a digital experience and there has been a reallocation of resources required to cover the influx of post-pandemic security measures. Upskilling is constant as the world pivots to stabilise on its new norm where new legislations need to be met overnight. How can you empower people with the tools and data they need so they can make smarter decisions?

Places for this event are limited and strictly invite-only. To register your place today, please complete the registration form on the right. We will then keep you updated with further information in the build up to this exciting event including announcements of our speakers and information on how to access the event.

We look forward to seeing you there!


The Event

This event is hosted in partnership with Salesforce, MuleSoft, Tableau and our partners within the wider Salesforce ecosystem.