CloudShift & Salesforce Manufacturing Summit 2021

Join our Manufacturing Summit
Tuesday 12th October

We are delighted to launch our new manufacturing event in partnership with our friends at Salesforce. The Manufacturing Summit will cover key industry trends including enhancing the digital customer experience, empowering employees and maximising efficiency and sustainability. 

Like other sectors, manufacturing has been affected greatly by the pandemic, with the added effect of Brexit amplifying this for the UK. The pandemic has exposed the fragile nature of existing supply chains which have had to react to large spikes and drops across supply and demand. Manufacturers who have been able to adapt the quickest and be the most agile have positioned themselves strongly to meet the pent up demand as a result of the pandemic. 

Against the pandemic backdrop, there is little doubt that manufacturing companies are faced with one of the most innovative and exciting times which has allowed a greater focus on customer experiences, integration and operational resilience and agility.

We’ve lined up some fantastic speakers who are eager to share their insights and experience of the manufacturing industry.

Join Daniel Hayward, Senior Regional Vice President at Salesforce, Robert Heys, Customer Transformation Director at Salesforce and CloudShift’s David Kurtanjek as they discuss their insights on the challenges and opportunities in the manufacturing industry. Followed by John Wyldbore, Head of IT Demand & Innovation at Forterra, sharing their digital transformation journey experience, creating foundations for success.

Salesforce product experts Stephen Baines, Lead Solution Consultant at Salesforce and Nicola Iversen, Senior Solutions Engineer (Pardot) at Salesforce, will then be guiding us through a new multi-cloud solution demo showcasing the latest innovations driving change and transformation within manufacturing. And finally, our very own Abi Chan will be sharing some of our secrets for implementation success and how we have driven digital transformation across organisations.

To find out more about our speakers and what they will be discussing, read more here.

Our Manufacturing Summit will focus on three key drivers for success in 2021

The Digital Customer Experience

How do we engage with customers digitally and drive sales from both traditional and digital channels? How can we use technology and campaigns to drive better digital outreach and build smarter & more personalised engagement strategies?

Empowering Employees

How do we connect our workforce and ensure they have access to the tools, data and insights they need, when they need it? How can we view customer journeys and their impact in real time and share this with key stakeholders? How do we make it easy for teams to collaborate, proactively manage and build better relationships with their customers?

Maximising Efficiency & Sustainability

How can we use technology to streamline and optimise operations and resources across the businesses including MRP? How can we connect materials and demand to sales and marketing to optimise stock control and minimise waste of materials, helping to drive sustainability initiatives? How do we maximise value from our employees and resources to meet changing customer demands?

Places for this event are limited and strictly invite-only. To register your place today, please complete the registration form on the right. We will then keep you updated with further information in the build up to this exciting event including announcements of our speakers and information on how to access the event.

We look forward to seeing you there!


The Event

This event is hosted in partnership with Salesforce, MuleSoft, Tableau and our partners within the wider Salesforce ecosystem.