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Salesforce Spring ’22 Release

Salesforce Spring '22 release

While we’re still in the throws of winter, Salesforce are already looking forward to spring with news of their Spring ‘22 release. For the first time the updates include new innovations from Slack alongside hundreds of new features and products from Salesforce, Tableau & MuleSoft.

With only a few weeks until we get to see the updates in action here’s our rundown of some of the exciting upcoming features that will be blooming this spring.

Starting off with a few key dates, Salesforce has already launched the release notes giving us an in-depth overview of what is included in this Spring 22’ update. Plus for those who like to test out the upcoming features for themselves, the Sandbox upgrade has gone live for those who opted to take advantage. Or if you prefer to blaze a trail to get you up-to-date on the latest release check out the release highlight module on Trailhead.
From January 14th the phased releases will begin, with the final Salesforce instances being upgraded by February 11th and 12th. The upgrade should only take 5 minutes so shouldn’t impact your day-to-day operations which you can read about on the Salesforce Trust page for the latest info. Be sure to mark the 4th – 11th February in your calendars to hear fellow Salesforce admins and developers share their favourite Spring 22 features, plus expect demos and discussions with the Salesforce product management team.

Now to the updates we’re most excited about…

Slack and the Digital HQ

Advancing engagement in a work from anywhere world Slack continues to position itself as the Digital HQ. Seeking to connect teams from anywhere with new features including;
Huddles – an audio-first way of recreating spontaneous conversation from the office and offer some relief to continuous back to back video calls.
Clips – a visual way of sharing updates, demos and showing work that users are able to engage within their own time. Clips enables users to share videos, audios and screen recordings enhancing collaborations across teams.
Slack Connect – invite partners, Customers and guests to your digital HQ just as you would your physical office. Slack Connect allows users to collaborate with people outside their organisation in an effortless, secure and user friendly manner.

AI-powered Sales Cloud Forecasting

Advanced analytics has arrived in Sales Cloud, utilising the AI power of Einstein and Tableau in the form of Revenue Intelligence to provide sales leaders with actionable insights and forecast and track opportunities quickly and efficiently. Features like Revenue Insights and Pipeline Inspection provide top-line information that can easily be drilled down for more detail as and when needed, resulting in greater accuracy and reliability.

Marketing Integrations and Enhancements

New Spring ’22 updates look to drive smarter data and analytics in order for marketers to provide a more personalised experience across every touchpoint. Building upon the power of Datorama to connect data and marketing efforts, the latest updates support the rise of ecommerce sales to create a more tailored Customer experience and measure ongoing performance. Also, within Datorama the media Planning centre app has a new premium feature, Einstein Budget recommendations. The feature streamlines the process of allocating marketing budgets to order to maximise ROI based on previous performance data, AI-driven forecasting and KPI goals.

Further marketing updates include connecting external activities and leveraging third party assets within Pardot through the new Extensibility Enhancements. In just a few clicks custom components like videos and surveys from supported third party applications can be incorporated into emails all within Pardot. Not only that, these external activities can be set as triggers within engagement programs incorporating a greater level of automation allowing marketers to focus on building lasting relationships with Customers.

New Tools for Service Cloud

The Spring ’22 release is packed full of exciting new features for Service Cloud. Taking another step in further optimising the Service experience, Appointment Bundler allows users to sort appointments in a more timely and efficient manner. Unique sorting criteria can be set out for each bundle so appointments are ordered dependent on priority, due date, location, etc. Meanwhile, advanced integration with Slack brings a new feature with Swarming which allows service issues and tickets to be shared with other users in new and existing Slack channels for their input and assistance in finding a resolution. Other updates include the new Multilingual Einstein Bots that include multiple languages within a single bot and natural language processing model (NLP) and enhancement to Incident Management system building upon the updates from the Winter ‘22 release.

With so many new features and products launched we can’t wait to start helping our Customers benefit from these enhancements. To see a demo of some of these updates head over to the Salesforce Spring ’22 site or for a more in-depth overview of all the updates take a read of the release notes.

As always, our team are on hand and happy to help implement these updates within your Salesforce org. Get in touch to discover how the Spring ’22 announcement can enhance your digital transformation plans in 2022.

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