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The Power of Reinvention at Salesforce Innovation Day

The Power of Reinventions at Salesforce Innovation Day

We were pleased to join our friends at Salesforce for Innovation Day at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre on Tuesday 7th December. Trailblazers from across the UK & Ireland came together for a morning of product demonstrations, the latest innovations from industry experts and insights and best practices on how to get the most success with Salesforce. Our team were busy at our booth and also presented a session ‘The Power of Reinvention’ which focused on diving greater customer experiences (CX) and employee experiences (EX) using Salesforce with David Kurtanjek and Abi Chan at CloudShift who shared their insights and experience.

A huge amount of what we do at CloudShift is helping our customers reinvent themselves according to their unique set of objectives and circumstances. Our experience lies in taking a holistic approach to reinvention that covers, people, processes, technology as well as their culture and environment. This is how we have helped our customers across multiple industries from housebuilders and automotive companies to elite law firms and hospitality. Each seeking reinvention to set a new advantage and standard within their industry.

If you weren’t able to join Innovation Day, here’s a recap of some of the key points from our session.

Why is Reinvention Needed?

If we examine the last two years, we can see that accelerated change is inevitable. There is simply no place for doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. This is where the true power of reinvention comes into play, allowing you to be proactive to change and exercise the greatest opportunities for growth in every sense. There are many recent examples where companies have embarked on new products, new industries, new approaches or pivoted in their existing markets. Industry leaders and big businesses are in agreement that resilient businesses of the future will be driven by digital, diversity and a commitment to influencing change both for their customers and employees.

By looking at reinvention to drive customer and employee experience we aim to tackle 3 keys changes. Firstly we look at meeting and exceeding rising customer and employee expectations, as they become more savvy we know that pursuit of a digital strategy goes a long way to helping create a stemless journey and ultimately a better experience. Alongside this, we have the challenge of sustainability that has been drawn to the forefront from a customer perspective. No longer is it a “nice to have” USP but a standard expectation that demands organisations develop an environmental & social conscience. Finally, we must not forget the price to pay for not reinventing – what was local is now global which means the competition is even more fierce. As McKinsey recently reported, “the pandemic has vaulted us five years forward in consumer and business digital adoption and rapid migration to digital technologies will continue”.

Five Tips for Reinvention Success

There are several common success factors that everyone should consider when developing their reinvention roadmap.

  1. Reinventing CX – consider the multi-channel experience, focusing on human-centric design, targeted marketing and supply chain transparency
  2. Reinventing EX – reinventing customer experience can only be achieved by focusing on EX and employee enablement. Work from anywhere, evaluating the purpose of work, embracing automation and ongoing learning are all key for success
  3. Think big – Be ambitious and seek to create something that feels almost beyond reach. The beauty of Salesforce is that there is so much scope for achieving what some might think is unattainable
  4. Align reinvention and business strategy & vision – If these are separate or secondary, you will never succeed. Your roadmap for reinvention should align with and outline the future of your business and vision
  5. Use transformation expert – An outside voice of experience may be just what you need to develop your reinvention roadmap so you can maximise your potential.

In reality, each and every organisation has a unique journey to reinvention as varying objectives and stakeholders are a huge influence on the outcome. At CloudShift we are passionate about helping those businesses that are looking to reimagine and reinvent themselves. There is nothing we enjoy more than helping companies reimagine and reinvent how they operate and watch them succeed.

Are you ready to start your own reinvention journey? Please get in contact with our team now – we’d be happy to start the conversation with you.

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We are now the Globant Salesforce Studio

We are delighted to announce that CloudShift has become the Globant UK Salesforce Studio.
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