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We are proud to announce that CloudShift is now a Registered Partner. is a division of Salesforce that is centred around social impact and empowering change makers around the world. Dedicated to creating solutions for non-profit, education and philanthropic organisations, helps improve their ability to achieve their mission and goals. provides access to a highly developed platform, typically out of reach to non-profits, that demonstrates how technology, when used in a positive way, can have an impact on issues facing the world today and connect a global community.

As a Platinum Salesforce partner, we are very much looking forward to bringing our experience and expertise into the not for profit sector and advancing our efforts around social impact. Taking this next step in becoming a partner allows us to cement our focus on using technology to make the world a better place, by joining the global community of change makers. The power of Salesforce can help organisations reach their untapped potential, and we want to help them design and build systems that offer greater insights and have the potential to act as a catalyst in them achieving their mission.

As a founding member of Pledge 1% in the UK, we have always been keen to give back to society and do good wherever we can. Joining the community is another way we can help contribute to the growth of technology in the sector and use the depth and skills we have on our team to provide solutions to the problems which non-profits experience in the day to day management of their organisations.

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