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Enhancing Efficiency in Real Estate

Digital Transformation Insights: The Property & Real Estate Industry


Most companies are trying to find ways to improve efficiency, to increase productivity, and minimise any waste of resources. Not only does this save money, but also importantly is saves time and minimises frustrations. Digital solutions such as Salesforce, MuleSoft & Tableau have only accelerated efficiency within companies. Unsurprisingly, following the impact of COVID-19, more and more real estate companies have implemented digital technologies across their business. Processes that previously were complex or time-consuming have subsequently been optimised, enhancing and simplifying the Customer journey.

Alongside our friends at Salesforce, MuleSoft & Tableau, we held our annual Property Summit on April 29th 2021. We convened with some of our real estate Customers and discussed their experience with our integration of Salesforce across their company, specifically how Salesforce enhanced the three key areas critical for success. These being; the Client Experience, Driving Efficiencies across Organisations, and Empowering Employees. This blog will explore how Salesforce and MuleSoft has driven efficiency for our real estate Customers.

Automating Resource-heavy Routine Task

As highlighted by Martin Corry, Vice President of Real Estate and Construction at Salesforce UKI, “This shift to a digitally connected value chain drives efficiencies throughout the lifecycle of a development. From site acquisition to the aftercare of an occupier, digital tools drive greater efficiency”. Resource-heavy routine tasks, such as the large-scale delivery and processing of forms, documents and applications often weighs people and businesses down. Automation and digitisation, enables customers to submit documents online and frees employees, saving them time so they can engage directly with customers and proactively identify opportunities for business development. During our discussion with Kenny Johnston and Sally Jackson from CALA, Sally explained; “Salesforce has effectively given each of our Sales team about two weeks’ worth of time back over the last six months.”

Scott Knight from Grainger Plc added how the improvement of connectivity across the business has driven efficiency. He stated; “As well as the benefits to customer engagement opportunities, we’ve implemented efficiency gains, through process automation and enhanced audit controls. The platform gives our employees the data and the tools needed to deliver ongoing, exceptional service to our residents.”

Seamlessly Connecting Your Business

At our summit, MuleSoft was highlighted as a key solution to improve efficiencies within real estate. MuleSoft’s key functionality lies in its power to seamlessly bring together all the applications, data and devices within a business network to create a truly connected organisation, streamlining business processes and creating the infrastructure for superior business agility. This offers the scalability and agility required for businesses to succeed.

Allowing Customers to progress their journey more independently across the whole journey in a self-serve manner was highlighted as a key priority. As Sally Jackson from CALA Homes explained, with less time managing documentation “our Customer service team can spend more time being more efficient and focus more of their attention on making the Customers’ journey far more pleasurable.”

Accessibility To Data, Tools and Insights

The data, tools and insights that a company and their employees possess are imperative to manage a company’s day-to-day operations, and the past 18 months in particular has highlighted this importance. It has also created a necessity for greater operational agility, so employees can access their resources from any location, at any time to provide a streamlined, yet personalised experience.

At our summit, Mark Abram from Residential Management Group (RMG) explained that a majority of RMG’s customer service staff work from home. Despite this, he highlighted; “We’ve really been able to maintain the efficiency that we get in the office because we’ve got just the one single system and single view. Without Salesforce, I don’t think that would have been achievable”. Demonstrating how imperative a unified system and accessibility to data, tools and insights is key to driving efficiency within a real estate company.

In addition to driving efficiencies across organisations, our property summit also highlighted the importance for real estate companies to consider empowering employees with insights and data and improving the customer experience. Both of these topics will be covered in separate blogs for you to enjoy!

Read the next blog in the series: Empowering Employees to Improve Customer Experience

To begin your journey to boost your company’s efficiency and productivity, please get in contact with us!

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We are now the Globant Salesforce Studio

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