New AI Agent Builds Connections, Relationships And Saves Time

This week Salesforce has unveiled a new AI agent that is designed to save salespeople countless hours researching and preparing for deals.

Einstein Relationship Insights (ERI) is a new AI-powered research agent that autonomously explores the internet and internal data sources to identify relationships. Working alongside salespeople to help close deals faster, it recognises past connections and relationships between customers, prospects and companies. Using ERI means that salespeople are no longer required to manually research relationships and networks to uncover connections. Instead, salespeople can spend more time closing deals.

ERI efficiently works alongside salespeople as a browser extension that animates key information from each data source. For example, ERI highlights relevant personnel or companies in the data source and directly shows the relevant connections. Salespeople can also update their CRM with a single click to enrich account and contact records. This combination with CRM data empowers salespeople with the ability to engage in more relevant and strategic conversations with their customers. Thus, saving countless hours on manual prospecting and meeting prep.

Find our more about Einstein Relationships here

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