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Slack Is Going To Improve Your Salesforce Workflow

Slack & Salesforce

The recent Slack Acquisition by Salesforce is going to improve and streamline your workflow dramatically.

Slack is a channel-based messaging platform where people can work more effectively together by connecting all their software tools and services and finding the information that they need to do their best work from anywhere – all within a secure, enterprise-grade environment. The goal is that you can sync communications into one seamless hub that prevent work apps from being siloed. Slack Connect, additionally, enables company employees to collaborate and communicate with external vendors and partners easily.

Following the Salesforce acquisition of Slack in November 2020, the transitions from Microsoft Teams to Slack is becoming even more appealing for Salesforce customers.

With the acquisition, Slack is now being integrated into all Salesforce Clouds. It is being touted as the new interface for Salesforce Customer 360 and can change how communication, collaboration, and action related to customer experience takes place. This will provide overall customer information across Salesforce and all other business apps and systems that are a part of it. It will help organizations be more productive, make faster and smarter decisions, and enable connected customer experiences.

Here are five ways that Slack can benefit Salesforce users:

Keep Team Members In The Loop

With Slack’s enhanced integration and automation, team members will be able to receive customized notifications instantly. This means that they no longer have to log into another tool to remain updated. This streamlining of communications will give teams more time during the day to focus on essential tasks.

Simple Files Access Across Platforms

With Slack merged into Salesforce, representatives can search for and preview all Salesforce records related to accounts they are handling, possible opportunities or new cases without having to leave Slack.
Tagging team members with updates is easier than ever as you can simply message files across, and the context they need will come with it. This vastly improves visibility into key accounts even when executives need to access data remotely.

Adding Slack-based Conversations

Any information in Salesforce can be shared with colleagues via Slack. Users can choose to share it with specific people and can also define where it should be shared. Any Slack-based conversations can be added to Salesforce, so any important information relating to an account or a case can immediately be viewed in Salesforce, perfect for looping in subject experts when you need the

Aligning Sales and Service

Slack’s key aim has always been to keep teams aligned and help them access crucial information quickly. By integrating into Salesforce and all its tools, they can deliver on their goal. Together, Salesforce and Slack offer smooth workflows for both sales and service teams. Slack is working on custom enhancements that will support objectives and workflow within Salesforce. This will provide collaborating team members within Salesforce to source richer information through Slack form Salesforce records.

Customer-Orientation and Employee Engagement

With Slack, Salesforce now has a direct route to focus on the expansion of its customer-facing tools. It will also address the current market demand for employee engagement. Bridging the gap between employee and customer communications isn’t a new phenomenon. However, what is often overlooked is the areas between customer care and internal communications. There is a lot of potential here, and the merger between Slack and Salesforce helps address this.

The deep integration of Slack across Salesforce’s entire portfolio over the coming months will only mean a stronger connection between the two which will ultimately benefit the end-user. Here at CloudShift we have already helped a number of Customers with Slack integrations and we are big fans of using it ourselves (of course). Please contact us about your Salesforce-Slack integration project and we’ll be happy to help advise!

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We are now the Globant Salesforce Studio

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