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Data-driven Companies are Resilient Companies

Tableau & YouGov report

New research by Tableau and YouGov reinforces the importance of being a data-driven company when facing the unpredictability of change.

With continued disruption for businesses across the globe, many leaders are trying to adapt at pace to changing habits and demands from Customers and staff alike. The pace and unpredictability of change for some can be overwhelming.

Being an agile business is one thing, but many are lacking the insight to help them understand and adapt to an array of organisational challenges, changing demands and shifting priorities. Even those that have insight with their business can struggle to disseminate the right data throughout their business and empower people to discover insights for themselves and make their own quick data-driven decisions. Only by doing this will a business enhance it’s resilience to change.

To help provide understanding into these challenges and illustrate new solutions, Tableau recently partnered with YouGov to survey more than 3,500 senior managers and IT decision makers in the UK, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

In their survey they explored three key areas;

  • What are the benefits that organisations experience when using and relying on data (especially during the pandemic)?
  • What lessons have businesses learned thus far, as a result of the pandemic?
  • What will companies prioritise when it comes to future plans and what role will data play?

As you’d expect, Tableau used Tableau to visualise their data and insight which you can explore for free on Tableau Public.

So what did this insight tell us? Here are some headlines;

  • 80% of data-driven leaders believe that being part of a data-driven organisation puts them at a greater advantage than the businesses who aren’t data-driven
  • 76% of the data-driven companies still see a need to continue (or increase) spending on data skills training and development in the future
  • Agility, swift execution and better quality data is seen as the three top-of-mind priority areas resulting from lessons learnt during the pandemic.

There are some fantastic assets and great further reading available on Tableau’s website regarding this survey, so please do explore these further. As a great first read, we recommend ‘Nine ways becoming data-led can transform you, your team and your business right now’ which you can download here.

Are you ready to begin your Tableau journey? Download a free 14-day trial here to connect and visualise any data in minutes.

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We are now the Globant Salesforce Studio

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