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Highlights from Salesforce DreamTX

Highlights from Salesforce DreamTX

Catch up on all the key highlights from DreamTX

The Dreamforce Trailblazer Experience (DreamTX) came to town virtually this year! Last week we saw four days of learning, demos, and luminary sessions from 14-17th December. This virtual event was packed full over four days with some great thought leadership and practical applications. In total, there was a whopping 300 hours of content to choose from! Luckily everything is still available on-demand at dreamforce.com so you can watch highlights as well as any of the DreamTX sessions you may have missed.

So what are the key takeaways and highlights from Dream TX? Luckily, Team CloudShift were tuned in so we can give you our thoughts below!

Tableau: Enterprise Analytics for Everyone

As a Tableau partner, we of course were tuned in to “Tableau: Enterprise Analytics for Everyone”. Here Tableau explained the importance of being able to see and understand data across an entire organisation so everyone can find solutions and help ensure businesses can adapt to change quickly and effectively. Functionality such as drag and drop allows users to explore and analyse data in seconds, and the use of natural language empowers users to go from questions to answers in an instant.

Building a ‘Data Culture’ enables leaders to bring people together with a shared mission to improve their organisation and themselves by making data-based decisions. Their later session “Building a Data Culture with Tableau” explains some great steps in how to achieve this culture and is worth a watch!

Driving Customer 360 with Bentley Motors

One of the most inspiring Customer success stories came in with a bang on day one with Bentley Motors. They explained how they are accelerating their business using Customer 360, which has united their teams business-wide to create extraordinary experiences for their Customers. A great example of this is how Bentley Motors are now bringing their luxury showroom experience direct to their wider digital audience.

The Customer 360 was explained by Salesforce in a later session “Connect to Customers with a Single Source of Truth” demonstrating how everyone can contribute and access valuable Customer insight and data to create these tailored and personalised Customer experiences.

Sales & Service: Anywhere, Anytime Collaboration

2020 has certainly changed the way we collaborate. Some of these changes may be temporary, but many are no doubt here to stay. Salesforce explained in several sessions that the future of CRM is anywhere and how easy it is for sales and service teams to work together even though they are working apart. Through templated best practices, built-in collaboration and real-time alerts, sales teams can sell and close more deals and service teams can serve customers better and resolve cases quicker.

Salesforce also explained the role of Einstein-powered personalised suggested actions by using artificial intelligence to achieve true e-commerce transformation. Search for the Salesforce Anywhere sessions to see how easy it can be for teams to collaborate seamlessly, streamline processes, and make decisions faster wherever they are.

Integration Innovations from MuleSoft

Having delivered some really exciting MuleSoft projects in 2020, we loved hearing MuleSoft’s latest innovations. Here, MuleSoft explained that behind the Customer 360 lives hundreds of applications which can all be connected and integrated using their Anypoint Platform. Now more than ever, business and IT leaders need to explore the benefit of these apps and integrate disparate data sources to unlock, unify and secure data. This enables them to create that true 360 view and deliver seamless, faster and effective connected Customer experiences.

Building a Culture of Giving Back

As a founding UK member of Pledge 1%, CloudShift has been focused on continuing to give back in 2020, so we loved listening to the session of “Building a Culture of Giving Back”. Here Salesforce explained how executive commitment and employee passion is key to success in identifying and meeting a community need which leaves a lasting impact.

Salesforce Pledge 1% initiatives which were discussed included Work.com which helps businesses meet the new demands of the COVID-19 crisis and their event series “Leading Through Change” which showcases great assets to build resilience and innovation. Their session “Work.com: How to Reimagine the New Employee Experience’ in particular contained some fantastic advice to consider.

Employee Health and Wellbeing

There is little doubt that almost every employee has seen a significant change in how and where they work in 2020. Empowering employees to do their best work through learning and reskilling, as well as keeping people connected and informed, is just one area of important business focus. But, now more than ever, this is only part of the formula. Employee well-being and their psychological safety is now paramount so employees feel balanced, healthy, and equipped to do work effectively. In the session “Employee Health and Wellbeing” Salesforce explored how companies can help create and support work/life balance.

Plant for the planet

In “Climate Action with Salesforce” we were told that “when we work to heal the earth, we ourselves are healed”. Salesforce shared how they teamed up with Plant for the Planet and are committed to the conservation, restoration, and growth of 100M trees by the end of 2030. You can track their progress and get involved at trees.salesforce.com.

So that’s a wrap from Team CloudShift! Please visit dreamforce.com to see further highlights and the great sessions we’ve mentioned which are now all available to view.

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We are now the Globant Salesforce Studio

We are delighted to announce that CloudShift has become the Globant UK Salesforce Studio.
Following our acquisition by Globant over 18 months ago, CloudShift is now part of the Globant Salesforce Studio which is a 2,000 strong global Salesforce practice.

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