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GoCardless at Salesforce Live

Highlights from our Customer session at Salesforce Live UK&I

At Salesforce Live we were delighted to have our Customer GoCardless explaining their journey to successfully reimplementing Salesforce; “How GoCardless Drive Efficiency and Customer Experience With Salesforce”.

GoCardless is the world’s first global network for recurring payments. A fast-growing hi-tech company, the business has successfully adopted Salesforce to accelerate their sales performance and improve experience across stakeholder groups by delivering a 360 degree approach to customer account management and removing internal inefficiencies via process automation.

Simon Gilks Global Director of Sales Operations & Enablement at GoCardless, and Marcelle Braitwaithe Head of Solution Engineering at CloudShift, explained their digital transformation journey…


Improved efficiency and visibility with Salesforce

Simon started by explaining GoCardless process £15bn of payments annually from 20 million different customers and they want to remove the pain of getting paid for recurring revenue businesses. Their solution provides a more effective way of getting paid and also provides better visibility on customers and their payments.

Marcelle explained that “the relationship between CloudShift and GoCardless began with a reimplementation and optimisation of Salesforce, improving areas such as partner onboarding through the partner community“. Simon added that “the role of my Operations & Enablement team is about creating scalable business and helping it scale efficiently. My team look at four areas; technology and automation, enablement in training, data and insights, then planning and strategy. Therefore Salesforce falls right in to the heart of everything that we do”.

Simon discussed ‘Project Voyager’ where GoCardless stepped back with CloudShift to simplify and cement a scalable, relevant sales process which streamlined what they did and reduced their sales cycle. “Now everyone of our leadership team uses Salesforce on a regular basis. It’s now a true business platform rather than a pipeline management tool. Now we use data to pivot and adapt, understanding where opportunities or potential pitfalls are” Simon explained. Marcelle highlighted that “a lot of customers who have been on the Salesforce platform for a long time end up in a situation where the technology and the business is no longer aligned and people think it’s the technology, I need to walk away and start afresh. But this is great example where you can do a reimplementation and realignment with Salesforce to gain the maximum potential out of the platform, going back to basics and ensuring the fundamentals are there“.

Stand in your Customers shoes

With Salesforce, GoCardless have put the Customer at the heart of their reimplemented Salesforce CRM. Simons advice is “We need to focus on our customers, stand in their shoes and look at what they need. We need to forget about the sales person and the sales process and think about how the customer wants to engage with us. By doing this was we’ve been able to design a buyers process rather a sales process.”

A major part of their relaunch of Salesforce was to enhance how they onboard their partners via a new community where partners can onboard quicker in an automated and guided way. Simon explained “Salesforce has enabled us to onboard people consistently and get them up to speed much quicker than they were as there is a guided journey for them to go on.

Sales velocity has increased four times in 12 months

In terms of ROI, Simon explained “We’ve increased our sales velocity by four times in the past 12 months. We’ve been able to scale the business, but we’ve probably been able to hire less people than we needed because of the systems because we’re working more efficiently. Everything we’re doing is optimised for the way we want to operate now and for the future.”

Simon explained that there were three stakeholders who have benefitted from their reimplementation of Salesforce;

  1. Customers, Partners & Stakeholders – via improved account management, faster quoting, higher quality interactions and easier to do business with
  2. Business – via sustained sales growth, sales velocity, decision making agility, and increased speed and quality of onboarding
  3. Employee – via implementing a single process, centralisation, less effort, reduced stress and pride of being part of a high performing team.

A Salesforce partner invested in success

Simons final advice, we were delighted to hear, was about picking a good Salesforce implementation partner! Simon explained that it was important to ”have someone who understood our business, the way we worked and our culture. It was important to have a partner that felt like they were a part of GoCardless. It was another member of the team who was really invested in the success of what we were trying to drive”.

We would like to extend an enormous thank you to Simon Gilks for featuring in our Salesforce Live session and to our own star Marcelle for your great advice too. For more information on the amazing content from Salesforce Live, read our highlights from the event in our blog.

If you would like advice on how you could get more out of your Salesforce Org, please contact us and we would be happy to have an initial discussion with you.

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