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Salesforce Feedback Management

Discover Salesforce's brand-new survey platform

Salesforce have recently announced their brand-new survey platform, Salesforce Feedback Management. The product helps employers bring together the power of Salesforce with real-time, contextual feedback from your employees, Customers and partners to provide powerful experiences that drive growth. Crucially the tool will allow survey responses to be mapped to Salesforce objects for a rich view of a Customer’s journey, all while generating meaningful insights into their individual preferences and experiences through personalised journeys.

Moreover, the platform will help the transition for employees working from home to returning to the office, as Ashish Kothari, SVP of Product Management for Salesforce states; “As organisations continue to manage through reopening safely, it’s more important than ever that they understand the changing needs and expectations of their key stakeholders. With that in mind, Salesforce is introducing Feedback Management, a new suite of enterprise-level tools and surveys built natively into the Salesforce platform that provides businesses with the capabilities to collect real-time, actionable feedback.”

Here are some of the benefits of Salesforce Feedback Management.

Automate feedback across various journeys

Create Lifecycle Maps to account for different types of employee, Customer or partner journeys. Customise each journey by identifying the key stages of interaction where feedback is most valuable and align specific surveys to those moments of interaction.

Instant feedback ensures accurate results
With Salesforce Feedback Management, Customers don’t have to leave the chat window to provide feedback. Post-Chat Surveys reduce the need for the survey taker to recall information, ensuring that you’re gathering accurate feedback.

Gain deeper insights with rich analytics powered by Einstein
Take a deep dive into responses by comparing questions within a single survey and across surveys. Analyse how different parts of your business are performing based on trending topics. See trends across your predefined journeys and stages in Customer Lifecycle Maps. Know when to edit and update surveys based on response and engagement rates.

Design flexible, meaningful surveys right in Salesforce
Create surveys that look and feel like your brand right in Salesforce. Various question types help you get the information you need, including powerful metrics like CSAT and NPS.

Send surveys at the optimal points of interaction
Automate survey sends based on Customer, employee or partner interactions. Embed surveys across all your business functions such as service, sales and marketing. Create one-click response surveys that can be embedded directly in emails.

Enrich the view of the customer
Personalise survey journeys with advanced logic to drill down into specific topics. Leverage branching logic to only ask questions that are applicable to the survey taker.

Analyse survey data in context
Real-time results populate directly in Salesforce for quick and easy analysis. Leverage feedback insights in reports and dashboards to understand feedback data in context of everything else you know about your Customers, employees and partners.

Salesforce Feedback is now available as an add-on to Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. Please contact us for more details and follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date with all the latest Salesforce product news.

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