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MuleSoft CONNECT | Opening keynote

Key takeaways on how to use digital in the new normal

Last Thursday, Team CloudShift tuned in for the opening keynote at MuleSoft CONNECT Digital to hear from executives at MuleSoft on how the connectivity platform will help businesses scale their operations and prepare for the new normal. The keynote session featured messages from Lindsey Irvine, MuleSoft CMO and Ross Mason, founder of MuleSoft, on how IT can address today’s pressing digital demands in a way that increases speed, agility, and efficiency.

Digital is now imperative

The global health crisis has forced businesses worldwide to reassess their digital readiness and has clearly made digital transformation no longer a long term goal, but imperative to adapt quickly and future-proof your business. This is an opportunity for businesses to build a long-lasting resilient solution to increase speed, efficiency, promote innovation and prepare your business for the new normal.

Create digital independence

Ross Mason, founder of MuleSoft, opened his segment with a strong statement: “if pre-pandemic remote workers only made up 3% of the workforce, by the end of 2021, 30% of the workforce will still work from home.” This number, he said, is key to understand the importance and scale of the challenge that IT is facing and what shift needs to happen to future-proof your business.

IT needs to evolve and promote user enablement rather than delivery in order to maintain efficiency and scale virtual operations. IT and digital assets need to be on a self-serve basis and be made available to staff through portals and dashboards and IT’s focus will need to change to training and online guidance to staff on how to work in this new environment. Ross also highlighted the importance of identifying reusable building blocks as best practice.

What would the next steps for your organisation be? Mason recommends taking a step back to assess the needs of each department and then create a safe digital sandbox for each one. The main goal Ross said was “to create platforms which allow businesses to be proactive, not reactive and to cope with change with speed and agility. By leveraging the manpower of your whole organisation and creating true digital independence for your employees, people can move faster and with more confidence”.

Focus on innovation, not integration

“IT needs to be the steward of innovation”. That’s how Lindsey Irvine, CMO at MuleSoft summarises the importance of IT’s role in creating lasting foundations for digital transformation.
Lindsey explained that IT spends roughly 80% of their teams on integration and not innovation. Whilst IT’s time is spent creating custom code, which is brittle, rigid and creates bottlenecks, innovation is often overlooked and that can no longer be the case in the new normal. Lindsey says it is important to create discoverable, reusable and actionable assets to promote speed, agility and efficiency and free up IT’s time to lead through change with innovation. This is key to successfully unlock and integrate data.

MuleSoft Anypoint Exchange

Lindsey also highlighted MuleSoft Anypoint Exchange which is an exchange marketplace where you can access pre-built APIs and integration assets. It allows you to compose assets from a marketplace, rather than create them from scratch.

You will be able to create reusable building blocks in an application network and enhance your security at the same time through APIs rather than custom code.

As a MuleSoft Partner, CloudShift has a wealth of knowledge and experience and we would love to have a conversation with you to see how we can help. Please contact us below and we’ll call you straight back!

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We are now the Globant Salesforce Studio

We are delighted to announce that CloudShift has become the Globant UK Salesforce Studio.
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