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Remote working with your Salesforce Org

Managing virtual teams with your Salesforce Org

With many teams now working remotely from home, many of us are looking at new ways to best motivate and manage our virtual teams. Here at CloudShift, we’ve always been working in an agile way, including at Customers’ offices and Salesforce Tower, and now we are embracing more technology as we shift to an even more agile and flexible way of working. We thought we’d share some ideas with you so you can explore how Salesforce technology can help.
In this post, we’ll provide you with 3 ways you can manage online teams using your Salesforce Org. Let’s get started.

Single Source of Truth

Salesforce offers a single data view where all data is stored and centralised in real-time. Here you can see how well your team is doing and track progress of all activities. It is useful not only for managers to have an overview of all activities but also, for your team to track conversations and their responsibilities and tasks. Now more than ever it’s important for everyone to coordinate and record their conversations and insight in a single source to help enrich everyone’s experience.

Daily updates with dashboards and reports

Have complete visibility of your work through dashboards and reports. These will show you your performance against the KPIs you set in real-time, as the data is input by your team. You can use these tools to track performance and activities daily, achieving, therefore, a level of unprecedented visibility.

Communication is key

When you are working remotely, communication with your team is essential. You can do that very easily on Salesforce using Chatter. Chatter is an internal Salesforce chat, that relates directly to each activity done on the platform, so you will be able to track conversations on projects, opportunities etc. , recording data, information and attachments for your team to share.

In this challenging time, we are all looking to find ways to continue our work, be productive and happy. We hope this blog has helped provide some thought. Please check out our other blogs and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram – let’s be social and connect!

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We are now the Globant Salesforce Studio

We are delighted to announce that CloudShift has become the Globant UK Salesforce Studio.
Following our acquisition by Globant over 18 months ago, CloudShift is now part of the Globant Salesforce Studio which is a 2,000 strong global Salesforce practice.

Read more about our transition here.