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Is it Time for a Salesforce Health-Check?

Are You Seeing Diminishing ROI From Your Salesforce Org?

A well-adopted Salesforce instance will provide you with the foundations to enable business change through improved business processes and better ways of working. However, the ability to fully achieve the maximum ROI potential can be challenging if your Salesforce Org is not maintained and optimised regularly.

As markets change, your business priorities and objectives also change, therefore your Salesforce org must be able to flex and scale in the same way. Investing time to regularly reassess your Org will help processes continuously improve, ensuring maximum ROI is generated from the platform. If you’ve not stopped to take stock recently, then maybe it’s time for a Salesforce Health-Check?

Are You Due a Health-Check?

  • How long ago was your Salesforce implemented?
  • Have there been changes to your business processes, objectives or priorities?
  • Have you embedded new systems into your business?
  • Has your product or service offering evolved?
  • Are you suffering from low user adoption?
  • Is your Org not meeting stakeholder expectations?
  • Are manual processes are creeping back into day to day operations?
  • Are there worries about org security?
  • Are your reports and dashboards cluttered or inaccurate?
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If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it may be time to give your Salesforce Org a spring clean! The most effective way to assess the expected performance of your Org against the actual performance is with a Health-Check. 

Benefits of a Health-Check:

A fully optimised Salesforce Org

Have you seen a recent decline in the performance of your org? Are your dashboards and reports outdated and inaccurate? Running a health-check can allow you to identify where the flaws are in your processes and fix the issues that are impacting the efficiency of your org. 

Increase User Adoption

If you are seeing low user adoption of your Org, then it is vital to identify the root cause before your employees lose trust in the platform. Inaccurate reports or automated processes not performing as desired can often be a cause of low user adoption, or it may be an up-skilling requirement. Whatever the cause, we will work with you to implement the best solution for your business. 

Continuing your Salesforce journey 

Have your business objectives and priorities, or has your business evolved? Putting your Salesforce Org through a Health-Check can provide you with valuable business process insights. Our service will identify your current business capabilities and allow us to determine which Salesforce products could add further value to your business.

The CloudShift Health-Check

Our CloudShift consultants can perform a tailored Health-Check on the current performance of your Salesforce Org, helping you to diagnose exactly where the opportunities for improvement are in your instance, and which ‘quick wins’ will give you the biggest ROI in the shortest amount of time. We will then work closely alongside you to blueprint a strategy to optimise your org, ensuring it is operating to its full potential.

CloudShift Health-Check Features:
  • Business Processes Review- A detailed review of your business processes and how well these have been embedded within your Salesforce Org
  • Reports & KPI’s – An evaluation of the extent to which reports are used and where they could be better leveraged to report on performance and ROI
  • Data – A high-level view of the quality of your data and the extent to which the system has been configured to protect against poor data quality
  • System Maintenance Review – A review of the way the system has been configured to evaluate how any maintenance overheads could be reduced.
  • Code Review – A review of any code there may be to ensure that it has been written in a sustainable manner/to best practice.

CloudShift Health-Check Key Outcomes:

  • Blueprint and road map for Salesforce success
  • Maximised efficiency of your Org and enhanced ROI
  • Key enhancements to increase user adoption
  • Awareness of new products in the Salesforce Ecosystem
  • Identify ‘quick win’ areas with new Salesforce features
If you would like to ensure maximum ROI is being generated from your Salesforce Org then get in touch with one of our consultants here!

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We are now the Globant Salesforce Studio

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