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What Can We Expect from 2020?


What can we expect from 2020? Salesforce predictions and much more…

How can we expect business to transform in 2020? We will try to answer this question by highlighting the major trends and transformations we have seen in the Salesforce ecosystem in 2019.
2019 has been a huge turning point for digital transformation – we are reaching higher and higher levels of personalisation and insights, which have completely revolutionised the Customer experience and expectations. So how can companies continue to transform in 2020? Let’s dive in.

A Single Customer View

This November at Dreamforce, Salesforce announced Customer 360 Truth – the ultimate platform that provides businesses a single source of truth with their data by leveraging Salesforce technology. 

Businesses will be able to achieve a complete profile of their Customers which will then empower their business processes and decision and in turn deliver personalised and on-point experiences to their Customers. In a recent Salesforce survey, 84% of Customers stated that the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services.

Patrick Stokes, EVP, Platform at Salesforce, states “Achieving a “360-degree view” of Customers has been the ‘Holy Grail’ of digital transformation.” and we can’t disagree. In a competitive marketplace, companies are not only competing on a product standpoint but also on the experience they deliver to its Customers.

Data Integration

Data integration will continue to be key to Customer success in 2020. Platforms such as MuleSoft provide complete integration and unprecedented value to an organisation, allowing them to seamlessly connect and streamline data from various sources, and then create the infrastructure for superior business agility and Customer experience. 

Read our blog on how MuleSoft will transform your Organisational Landscape to find out everything you need to start your business integration journey.

Data gives us vital business insights and programs like Tableau are helping organisations worldwide to see and understand data. Tableau is enabling businesses to accelerate innovation and make smarter decisions across every part of their business. 

As Keith Block, co-CEO Salesforce states “Data is the foundation of every digital transformation, and that’s why we’ve never been more committed to delivering powerful analytics to every user”
We need to better understand and integrate data to deliver best in class digital transformation and excellent Customer experiences, find out here how we can help you with data integration.

AI is the future

The impact of AI in business can no longer be ignored. Whilst industry best practices and regulations are being set in place for AI, businesses will start leveraging AI to streamline key business process, reduce workloads for a more engaged workforce, predict sales patterns and much more.

At Dreamforce, Salesforce announced a strategic partnership with AWS in creating Einstein voice, an AI solution to complement the cloud’s capabilities for an enhanced business performance.

Empowered workforce

With technology so rapidly progressing, companies will need to find new ways to upskill and engage their workforce. The tech industry especially will be held accountable for the impact that it has on our society and it will be companies’ responsibilities to make sure they drive innovation alongside equality and to answer to a wide variety of stakeholders including employees, the industry and society at large.

The Salesforce ecosystem is continuously innovating and learning new skills and preparing for the future is what keeps us competitive in today’s marketplace. For instance, thanks to Salesforce’s strategic partnership with Apple, now it is possible for users to learn key marketable Salesforce skills on the go with the new Trailhead GO app. 

We can also expect to see an increased focus on ‘doing well and doing good’ and creating a workplace which reflects society via equality, diversity and Pledge 1% initiatives.

Constant Evolution

Our Customers’ needs and technology will continue to be ever changing. In 2020, businesses will discover new opportunities and challenges and the fast-paced tech industry will release new products and solutions. Nothing will stand still. 

Revaluating your solution via a CloudShift health check, for example, will help Customers assess their business health, areas of improvement and provide proactive solutions that will increase productivity. 

Get in touch now to get a head start in 2020 at hello@cloudshiftgroup.com

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We are now the Globant Salesforce Studio

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