CloudShift part of Pledge 1%

CloudShift is a proud member of Pledge 1% in the UK, already this year our team have been busy giving back to the local community.

Managing Director Alastair Murray leads by example.  Alastair gives his time to coaching the U10’s cricket team at Valley End Cricket Club.  At 10 the boys are at a pivotal point in their development, they are learning the true meaning of being a team player.   It’s not always easy to know how to take the wins along with the losses, whilst being supportive and respectful of each other and the opposition.   Alastair takes the highs and lows with the team, guiding them in a positive direction to help them grow and develop not only with their cricket skills but as young men.  Being a coach means you have to wear many hats, sometimes literally when umpiring.   Alastair is the team manager, first aider, motivator and occasionally morning tea supplier.

“Valley End Cricket Club like most local sporting clubs wouldn’t run successfully, without volunteers” said Alastair.  “That’s why Cloudshift is part of Pledge 1% it allows our people to be part of something they’re passionate about.  This in turn builds a stronger community and also develops the company culture that Cloudshift is proud of”.


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