We are now the Globant Salesforce Studio

Tips to maximise leads on Salesforce CRM

Here at CloudShift we’re all about keeping things simple and efficient. That’s why we’ve created 5 simple top tips for using Leads on Salesforce CRM

1.       Simplify your lead capture – Don’t include too many mandatory fields for your records and make it simple for people to complete. When your sales reps are on the road they won’t appreciate having lots to fill out mandatory fields and may just end up jotting it down and data could get lots. Make some of the non-critical fields optional so they can go in and add or edit at a later date

2.       Evaluate your lead sources – In the past, it was difficult to see which lead sources performed best. With the analytics functionality of Salesforce CRM, it’s easy to track how lead sources perform, so you can invest in those marketing techniques that get the best results. For example, check out the lead and opportunity management dashboards on the AppExchange

3.       Map out your sales process – Ask yourself: What are the stages of your sales cycle? Which stages of the lead status do you want to track? And what happens to leads after they come in?

4.       Use Web-to-lead functionality – People who visit your website are already interested in your product or service. You can capture visitor information automatically to create leads in Salesforce CRM, ready for your reps to qualify.

5.       Clean your leads regularly – Despite your best efforts, data will get “dirty” because of prospects’ job changes, human error, and duplicate or incomplete submissions. Check out the data cleansing tools in the AppExchange to help with your de-duplication efforts.

With these five tips you’ll soon be well on your way to achieve healthy leads through Salesforce CRM. We’d love to tell you more so please drop us a line.

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We are now the Globant Salesforce Studio

We are delighted to announce that CloudShift has become the Globant UK Salesforce Studio.
Following our acquisition by Globant over 18 months ago, CloudShift is now part of the Globant Salesforce Studio which is a 2,000 strong global Salesforce practice.

Read more about our transition here.