RapidShift for Pardot

RapidShift for Pardot is a range of consulting and implementation service packages specifically tailored for small and medium sizes businesses who want to turbo-boost the implementation of Pardot. We are also pleased to offer RapidShift for Salesforce.

Why CloudShift?

  • We offer the security of fixed price engagements with a clearly defined project scope & a clear set of deliverables
  • We provide comprehensive programmes which cover the end-to-end implementation of Salesforce.com
  • We have the resources with the skills and expertise to configure the application to the bespoke needs of your business
  • We put you in control as you can drive the specific make-up of the package
  • We will support you post go live with a range of Service Management options

What we do

Our three tier approach allows businesses the flexibility to choose between different service offerings:

  • Essentials – is our entry level start-up offering for businesses which need to be up and running very quickly
  • Core – provides a wider list of targeted implementation services for customers who have a clear and distinct delivery scope
  • Premium – an extensive and comprehensive mobilisation package designed to yield the maximum possible value from the tool both now and in the future

Choose the RapidShift package that is right for your company:


  • Minimises the time setup time required to begin delivering business value
  • Maximises the benefits from the functionality offered ‘out of the box’
  • Embeds Pardot best practice technical design principles and guidelines right from the outset so that you can make further enhancements on your own
  • …and ultimately, builds a solid foundation on which to deliver future enhancements and upgrades
Why not contact us today to  see how we could shape one of these packages around the bespoke needs of your  business?

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