• Why Cloudshift?

    • As an accredited Salesforce.com partner, we have the team with the skills and experience to delve into the depths of your system to diagnose any issues and potential future risks
    • Our comprehensive packages cover a wide range of aspects to improve your key Salesforce.com metrics
    • Our proven 5-step process will help you unlock increased value from your existing subscriptions

    What we do

    We offer both business and technical Health Check audits based on what you want the focus of our investigations to be :

    Business Health Check – is a summary of the business health of your Salesforce org. Focus areas include:

    • CRM and business process automation
    • User trends & adoption
    • Business and Customer data quality
    • Org-wide configuration review
    • Pinpoint unused existing or new Salesforce.com functionalities
    • Exploring potentially valuable 3rd party App Exchange packages

    Technical Health Check – designed to assess the quality of the existing implementation and identify any technical problems hidden from view. Focus areas include:

    • Salesforce.com governor limits analysis
    • Adherence to Salesforce.com security protocols
    • Data model review
    • Apex and VisualForce code usage & quality
    • Maintainability
    • Integration
    • Environments and release process
  • Stage High Level Description
    Discover Stakeholder meetings to establish:
    • the original business plan, target vision and roadmap for the platform
    • the ‘as-is’ state of your Salesforce.com platform
    • business engagement, collaboration effectiveness and current business output
    • known areas of concern from key stakeholders
    Analyse An in-depth platform, people, process and data review subject to the Health Check package (either business or technical) purchased
    Clarify Discussions as required to raise clarification questions in response to our analysis
    Document The output of our work will be a Cloudshift Health Check report which will:
    • score each of the main review areas
    • prioritise our findings so you have an understanding of their overall and relative importance
    • detail a targeted action plan and timetable to address any immediate issues identified
    • explore the findings in detail and suggest recommendations on how to address any issues we highlight
    Evaluate A final review to discuss findings and recommendations – a chance for you to ask us about anything in the report


    • An improved understanding of the existing implementation
    • A prioritised tangible list of recommendations to improve upon the ‘as-is’ state
    • A credible plan to substantially boost key CRM metrics such as user adoption, productivity, user efficiency and much more…

    Why not contact us today to see how healthy your platform really is…