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Salesforce Partners with Sprout Social

Salesforce partners with Sprout Social

Social media management platforms have long been an essential tool in every marketeer’s arsenal, with social media playing a pivotal role in customer engagement. For many companies, there has been a surge in integrating these tools with their CRM allowing them to unlock value from their data to build even stronger customer relationships. As the global CRM leader, Salesforce announced that they partnered with industry-leader Sprout Social to help Salesforce customers better connect with their audiences and further develop their Customer 360.

The rise of social media has cemented its place in any marketing strategy, from building brand awareness to engaging with customer. In this rapidly evolving world, a company’s ability to be responsive and engaging is imperative to their social success. This is where a social media management tool like Sprout Social comes in, it manages the full social media presence including engagement, publishing and scheduling, analytics, listening, advocacy and platform integrations. 

At CloudShift we have a team of marketing experts who are certified Sprout Social specialists and are already having great success in implementing the platform with our Salesforce Customers. Alongside Salesforce, we are committed to supporting marketers to deliver personalised and engaging content to their consumers. Understanding the ever changing algorithms and keeping up to date with the latest trends across the various social platforms is an ongoing challenge so having reliable tools like Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Sprout Social can have a huge impact. 

Here’s a few reasons how Sprout Social and the integration with Salesforce is helping businesses;

Improving the Buyer Journey 

Whether it’s B2B customers doing their homework on a company or B2C consumers keeping up to date with their favourite brands, interactions on social media are woven throughout the sales journey and should be monitored in order to nurture leads across all touch points. Having all this data in one place saves users from bouncing between multiple platforms, resulting in faster and stronger customer service. 

Attributing Sales from Socials 

Customer care and content marketing activities all contribute to converting leads but it can be difficult to attribute sales from social. With the integration between Sprout and Salesforce it’s much easier and helps to build the Customer 360. In turn, marketers can analyse the value of their various touchpoints and design future marketing content in a manner they know consumers respond to.  

Gathering and Aligning Customer Insights 

From expressing wants and needs to pain points and challenges, for many consumers social media is a soundboard and companies should be utilising this to deepen their understanding of their customers. Feeding this data into your Salesforce org helps align and empower marketing, sales and service teams by providing them with greater understanding and confidence when approaching customers.

Are you ready to unlock the insights from your social media interactions? Get in touch to speak with our expert team and discover how implementing Sprout Social and integrating it with your Salesforce org can impact your business.

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We are now the Globant Salesforce Studio

We are delighted to announce that CloudShift has become the Globant UK Salesforce Studio.
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