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Salesforce Summer ’22 Release

With summer fast approaching, that means one thing; the Salesforce Summer 22’ release is on its way! Salesforce has once again been named #1 CRM provider by International Data Corporation (IDC) and with some exciting updates coming in this latest release it’s clear to see why. Discover how the latest release will enhance the wider Salesforce ecosystem, but also the updates coming to Sales, Service and Marketing Cloud. Salesforce has launched the full release notes here, so be sure to check it out for a more in-depth overview of what to expect. Or if you prefer to blaze a trail to get you up-to-date on the latest release check out the release highlight module on Trailhead.

The new release is set to go live in phases over the weekends of; May 21st, June 4th, and June 11th, depending on your instance of Salesforce. So to help you, we’ve curated a quick run-down of all the important updates to be aware of, so you and your org are more than prepared to benefit from the coming upgrade.

Name Refresh

The most obvious change to be hitting the orgs’ this Summer is the renaming of a few of your favourite clouds. But don’t worry, this won’t affect any of their functionalities! The renames are simply to closer align the products to their current purpose.

Here’s a brief summary of all the new names to look out for:

  • High Velocity Sales → Sales Engagement
  • myTrailhead to become part of a new solution named Sales Enablement
  • New Marketing Cloud products’ names – read more about the updates here
    • Messaging/Journeys/ → Marketing Cloud Engagement
    • Interaction Studio → Marketing Cloud Personalization
    • Datorama → Marketing Cloud Intelligence
    • Salesforce CDP → Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform
    • Advertising Studio → Marketing Cloud Advertising
    • Pardot → Marketing Cloud Account Engagement
  • Tableau CRM → CRM Analytics


Sales Cloud for Slack App

Slack has some significant updates coming this Summer ’22 release! The Sales Cloud for Slack app helps Sales teams sell smarter and faster. Explored during TrailblazerDX, Slack introduced a first-of-its kind collection of tools for bringing Salesforce data, workflows and apps into Slack, allowing users to update their records in Salesforce without leaving the Slack app.

Through the creation of the Slack-First Customer 360, Salesforce and Slack are combining the single view of customers with the place where collaboration happens, providing business teams—from sales to service to marketing and beyond—with customer insights in the context of their digital HQ, so smarter decisions can be made faster than ever.


Completion Actions Enhancements for Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Alongside the new name, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (previously known as Pardot) has some new features coming to the platform! With the new enhancements for completion actions, it is now easier and more efficient than ever to get the right information in the right place, at the right time. What would previously take 3 Automation rules or an engagement programme to successfully execute, can now be created within your asset’s completion actions, allowing for complex logic to easily be built that impacts the appropriate subset of prospects without ever leaving the completion action settings.

Forms are just one of the few places you will be able to find conditional completion actions, helping you drive more personalised communications with Customers. They will also be found on form handlers, files, customer redirects, lightning list emails, and page actions. Also, they can help you build out all kinds of complex logic, such as; alerts for relevant internal team members, sending emails with appropriately personalised content, assigning new prospects, and even as part of an opt in and unsubscribe management process, just to name a few.


Service Cloud Messaging for In-App and Web

With the coming release, the newly introduced messaging for in-app and web browsers is being added to Service Cloud. Now allowing companies to elevate their traditional chat interactions by enhancing conversations with rich asynchronous experiences through messaging in app and web browsers.

The nature of this update allows customers to no longer need to keep a browser open or stay in-app to have a conversation. Allowing for agents to be more productive by handling more complex conversations simultaneously, all from a single screen.


Einstein Just Got Smarter

Einstein will be receiving tonnes of new features in this Summer release, but here’s are some of our top picks to read up on:

Einstein Search

Whilst in Pilot, using Einstein Search Answers you can now solve your cases faster by receiving more precise replies directly to your inbox. Ask your question or insert a phrase in the global search field to shorten your search time. To assist you in answering your query, Einstein Search Answers takes relevant language from your Salesforce Knowledge base articles.

Einstein Bot: Conversational Experience

Connect an improved bot to new In-App and Web messaging, as well as Slack and the Einstein Bots API. Use Omni-Channel Flow’s advanced routing to send and receive talks with your bot. Furthermore, an upgraded bot can communicate rich content like links, photos, and files without the need for workarounds.

Automate Case Triage with Einstein Case Classification for Flows

This function is presently in beta. You may dynamically categorise new Cases and dispatch them to the appropriate queue/team by combining Flow and Einstein Case Classification. Automation improves customer satisfaction and reduces agent handling time through enabling agents to deliver more efficient and productive service experiences.


With so many new features and products launched, the CloudShift are here to help you maximise the benefits from these enhancements. To see a demo of some of these updates in action head over to the Salesforce Summer ’22 site or for a more in-depth overview of all the updates take a read of the release notes.

Get in touch to discover how the Summer ’22 announcement can enhance your digital transformation plans.

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