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Digital Transformation Trends in 2022

Digital Transformation Trends for 2022

As we wrap up the final days of 2021, we take a look at four key trends of digital transformation which we think will shape the success of businesses in 2022.

The overarching theme across many trends is the necessity for businesses to reinvent themselves and shift quickly from reactive to proactive. There have been significant changes and challenges in 2021 and the pace of digital transformation has certainly quickened. It is now a matter of survival in this digital-first world for business strategy and digital strategy to align and for digital transformation projects to be accelerated in line with rapidly changing Customer, staff and market evolutions. Time to value and driving meaningful outcomes will be even more critical in 2022. Business analysis, a blueprint for success and a digital roadmap will be key to ensuring everything is well considered, the best solutions are explored and everyone is aligned in where the business is going.

Whilst the future for 2022 is still uncertain, change will be constant. Those companies which are agile and proactively embrace change whilst listening to all their stakeholders will be the ones who are most prepared for whatever comes ahead…

Empowering Employees

2021 has certainly shown that reinventing Customer Experience (CX) can only be achieved by focusing on Employee Experience (EX) and employee enablement. Facilitating work from anywhere in a digital world, evaluating the purpose of work, embracing automation and ongoing learning will all continue to be key for success in 2022. Remote working will again highlight holes where people previously shared and found data and insight which will maintain the necessity for a single source of truth for employees to turn to.

In line with this, employees will continue to seek new opportunities to make themselves more efficient. The creation of a Digital HQ with Slack will certainly step in here. Integrating various platforms including those powered by Salesforce and third-party applications brings data into everyday conversation creating a more productive, well informed and better connected environment. This reinvention of communication with the Digital HQ has the power to revolutionise business by connecting experts in different teams on a workflow to give teams the insights they need to help them work smarter and reap the benefits of AI powered personalised learning.

Digital-first organisations are no longer set to be the minority as people settle into a data culture and seek to make timely data-driven decisions. To learn more about how this can fuel organisations and business value, check out the insights uncovered in the IDC survey on behalf of Tableau in this whitepaper.

The Rise of AI and Automation

The rise in AI (Artificial Intelligence) is set to reach new heights as organisations look to utilise technology to maximise efficiency. Automations powered by AI are set to replace routine tasks to help provide efficient and accurate insights. In turn, businesses can benefit from time saved on monotonous day to day tasks and establish data driven strategies across the business. Employees can also then spend more time on other higher value and rewarding tasks. With Forrester predicting traditional organisations to adopt an AI-first approach in 2022, there is a priority to explore the ways in which AI can drive your organisation. A prime example of this is the surge in Natural Language Generation (NLG), where programming is used to generate both written and spoken natural sounding narratives. NLG and automation is set to replace time and resource-heavy processes like website chat functions, lead nurturing and summarising reports without detriment to the Customer experience.
Find out more about how advancements in AI will be supported by Salesforce and their insights in their 2022 predictions.

Customer 360 and Customer-centricity

For a long while the Customer Experience has surpassed a purely transactional process with organisations adopting a Customer-centric approach to meet Customers’ unique needs, expectations and challenges. In a recent Sentinel report by Globant on ‘Imagining the future of Sales’ they stated that 75% of consumers look for a consistent omnichannel engagement experience, with 73% of them stating they would be likely to change brands if they don’t get it. This shows the importance of utilising today’s technology to consolidate efforts across both online and offline touchpoints, to create a seamless customer experience. Connecting data and insights within the Customer 360 in turn strengthens organisations ability to provide the personalised engagement consumers value and desire.

Building relationships with personalised communications has become the new standard within the customer lifecycle. Providing a customer-centric approach was a priority for our customer Edwardian Hotels. If you haven’t already, discover how Edwardian are using Salesforce to create a Customer 360 to succeed in providing the personalised and exceptional guest and host experience.

Welcome to the Metaverse

As new portals open within the digital space we welcome the evolution of the web with the introduction of the Metaverse, NFTs (non-fungible token) and much more. Combining multiple elements of technology and creating a new digital space where users ‘live’, the Metaverse takes virtual and augmented realities to the next level. With big brands already making moves within this new environment, like Nike’s partnership with Roblox, we can’t overlook this new and exciting trajectory. Our parent company Globant are already helping companies operate in this new virtual space with their Metaverse Studio. They provide support for organisations looking to establish their presence in different virtual online worlds by creating a seamless pipeline for digital twin generation and enhanced content production systems. For more information on the Metaverse and how Globant can help create brand presence, offering, and creativity within these virtual spaces read more here.

Is your company set up to embrace the upcoming changes to the digital landscape in 2022? Now is the time to get ahead of these trends to evolve and benefit from these advancements. As ever, CloudShift is here to help advise and support for the journey ahead!

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