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Tableau Conference 2021 Highlights

Tableau conference 2021 Highlights

Data lovers united at the 14th annual Tableau Conference last week. Packed with key announcements, product visions and outlining the future of analytics, the 2 day virtual event drew in the global community to learn, connect and be inspired.

Tableau’s mission is to help people see and understand data. The business intelligence software makes visual analytics intuitive, allowing people to quickly answer questions with data and share insights across their organisation. As a Tableau partner we are always invested in sharing the latest and greatest updates so here are our highlights from the 2021 Tableau Conference.

As the world awakens to a more ‘digital-first’ approach and the acceleration of digital transformation, data and analytics is no longer reserved and understood by the few, but at the fingertips for all to utilise, anywhere. Harnessing this opportunity for growth and as a pledge to support the explosion of data and adoption of data-driven decision making, Tableau announced their latest initiative to train 10 million data people.

Upcoming Product Features

Tableau’s developer team didn’t fail to bring the energy and excitement as they demoed the latest and greatest upcoming features. Adding to Business Science capabilities, Tableau Model Builder brings the ability to create predictive models inside Tableau just like you would make a dashboard, building machine learning models right into your workflow. Also, Tableau Scenario Planning sets to offer an alternative to complex what-if analysis by combining visual analytics and models together to give people a different look at their business within Tableau.

Their investment into improving Data management at scale also came with a host of new features including virtualised connections, centralised row line security, synchronising meta data capture with the Tableau Catalog and the ability to publish Tableau Prep flows to Tableau Public and add extensions. Another exciting update is the how Tableau looks to bring the community together with the introduction of Tableau Exchange. This creates a centralised market place for authors, partners and consumers in the Tableau economy to create assets that can be deployed. We’re really looking forward to seeing this gain momentum within the ecosystem and how all these updates inspire greater visibility, trust, and governance of your data and therefore the analytical insights.

Slack-first Analytics

Since Salesforce acquired Slack earlier this year there has been a big focus on building upon this communication hub to create a Digital HQ. The integration with Tableau allows data and analytics to be a part of the foundation of that HQ so users access and collaborate on insights. As part of the integration there are plenty of exciting new features:

  • Ask Data within Slack allows you to use natural language quires to get answers easily.
  • Explain Data dives deeper into your data to ask why.
  • Rounding off the process with the offer of next steps, the introduction of Einstein Discovery offers AI predictions to inspire actions.

All this and more is to come as the future looks to incorporate Slack Connect to go beyond your HQ and open up communication with suppliers and customers.

Tableau Online + Salesforce

We work best when we work together and the partnership between Salesforce and Tableau emphasises just that. The latest Tableau Online integrations allow users to unlock and explore their data more than ever before. Simple sign on allows users to log in to Tableau Online through their Salesforce org for a more streamlined and centralised process. Get insights straight away with the plethora of pre-built dashboards that are available once your org is connected to Tableau Online. Also, it’s not only within Slack where we see the integration of Salesforce’s Einstein Discover, bringing the power of AI across the platform in dashboards, in calculations and in Prep.

If you are as excited as us and the rest of the DataFam are about these updates, check out the 100+ sessions now available on demand over on the Tableau Conference website. And get in touch with our team to find out how you can unlock the potential of your data with Tableau.

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We are now the Globant Salesforce Studio

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