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Tableau New Augmented Analytics Features

Powering Up Decision-making with Tableau

Tableau, Salesforce’s leading analytics platform, helps people to easily see and understand data by creating visual analytics. Recently Tableau has unveiled plans to expand its augmented analytics features. Although many companies would consider themselves as data-driven, surprisingly only one third of employees are comfortable using data to support them in their decision making. Tableau’s new augmented analytics features aim to tie data analytics with AI in order to ease data-informed decision making. Tableau’s new augmented analytics will empower people, in every role and at every skill level, to make smarter data-informed decisions.

The new augmented analytics features include:

Ask Data

Ask Data for all server roles (previously just Explorer and above). Ask Data helps people to ask questions of their data. This allows them to answer business questions using natural language and simplifies the overall process.

Explain Data

Explain Data for all server roles (previously just Explorer and above). Explore Data will help to provide answers to ‘why?’ questions. It will help explain data points, so that viewers can easily identify and understand drivers behind their data.

Ask Data for Salesforce

Ask Data for Salesforce allows salesforce users to ask questions about their data using natural language in Tableau CRM. Answers will be delivered instantly as insights, reports and dashboards.

Einstein Discovery for Salesforce Reports

Einstein Discovery for Salesforce Reports will automatically analyse data in Salesforce Reports and will identify the most important insights to deliver to you using Einstein AI.

These features will allow companies to unlock the power of data for as many of their employees as possible, transforming the way their decisions are informed business-wide. There are also many more additional features released alongside these.

Tableau’s augmented analytics features will also help to close the gap between expert data analysts who handle data frequently and other members of the business who are not as confident when reviewing data.

Find out more about Tableau’s new augmented analytics technology!

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We are now the Globant Salesforce Studio

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