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Cloud 3.0: Marc Benioff announces the future of digital

Cloud 3.0

Cloud 3.0: Work from Anywhere is here, Marc Benioff announces the next evolution of digital.

At a recent event, Salesforce CEO and Chair, Marc Benioff unveiled his vision of the future, hailing the arrival of the Cloud 3.0. Even when the current pandemic moves into the rearview mirror, the changes it has forced upon businesses will not be going anywhere. Companies have had to adapt quickly and rethink their operating models so they can meet the changing needs of their Customers and staff. This is the next evolution of digital, Cloud 3.0.

Work From Anywhere World

One of the most prominent changes experienced over the past 12 months has been the monumental shift from in-person working to virtual remote working. This shift is what Benioff is referring to as Cloud 3.0, with platforms such as Salesforce, Slack and Zoom lying in the centre of this new work from anywhere digital world. As Marc Benioff puts it:

“We’re in a new world. This is a huge opportunity to create, and extend, and complement our platform. We realized for each and every one of our clouds, it was time to transform to become a work from anywhere environment…we ultimately are focused on delivering the operating system for Cloud 3.0”

As businesses now begin to look forward to a landscape freed of the bonds of Coivd-19, what is clear is the need for end-to-end operating systems that allow organisations to sell, serve or market to their Customers from anywhere. Whilst also being agile enough to continue the rapid pace of digital transformations.

Hyperforce Powering Customer 360

In order to ensure Customers are best placed for Cloud 3.0, Salesforce have already evolved their Customer 360 platform with Hyperforce. Hyperforce allows Salesforce to be deployed on major public cloud platforms such as Google, AWS or Azure. This ultimately means access to more computing power that can drive better scalability and flexibility for Customers. Hyperforce was first rolled out in India towards the end of 2020 and this will be extended over the coming year.

With the Customer 360 platform now redesigned to work with Hyperforce, Salesforce users will be in the best position to respond rapidly to this all-digital, work from anywhere world; where your employee expectations, your partner expectations, your Customer expectations will all change more rapidly than ever before.

Accelerating Digital Transformations

The new Cloud 3.0: Work From Anywhere is here. This next evolution of the Cloud is one that is going to accelerate the need, even more, for rapid digital transformation. With increased reliance on the capabilities of your organisation’s data infrastructure, we are going to see platforms such as Customer 360, Tableau and MuleSoft come to the forefront in order to deliver seamless experiences for your Customers.

Here at CloudShift, we are always looking for the next evolution that’s going to transform how our Customers, partners and employees operate. Our team has already adapted phenomenally to a remote working environment and we will continue to invest in new ways to make delivering our multi-cloud Salesforce, MuleSoft and Tableau solutions more efficient and effective than ever.

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We are now the Globant Salesforce Studio

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