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Salesforce Spring ’21 Highlights

Salesforce Spring '21 Release

Discover our top 6 features of the Salesforce Spring ’21 release.

We may be in the throes of winter here in the UK, but the Salesforce spring release is just around the corner with Salesforce Spring ’21. Whether you’re an Admin, Developer or Consultant, you’ll find some great new features and tools will soon be coming your way…

To get you started, why not read the Salesforce Spring ’21 Release Notes which contains information on understanding and navigating your way through the latest innovations so you know what to look out for. Importantly, they also set out how to ‘Get ready for the release’ including the Spring ’21 Sandbox Preview where you can test your system on the new release before Sandboxes are upgraded on the 8th & 9th January.

Here are our favourite Spring ’21 features:

Smarter Service Cloud
As a Service Voice partner, we’re always excited to read the latest developments with Service Cloud. This release enhances your Einstein Article Recommendation model via a new scorecard, and delivers data from standard and custom objects in Einstein Bots (including recommended chat replies based on fewer closed chat transcripts). With Service Voice, the setup is now even faster and more automated to help get contact centres up and running with speed. Other enhancements including call back options instead of waiting on hold, streamlining the scheduling experience with Field Service, and the integration with High-Velocity Sales so you can reach more Customers. Read more about Service here.

Salesforce Einstein
In more Einstein news, Einstein Recommendation Builder is now Generally Available. This checks your data as you build and includes an Einstein opportunity scorecard to help you make the most out of your data and improve your AI recommendations. You can also navigate insights more easily with Einstein Discovery’s story interface and also find predictions in datasets using Data Prep recipes. Read Salesforce Einstein updates here.

Lightning Flow becomes Salesforce Flow
Flows are now a core part of many people’s orgs, allowing you to build complex business automations using clicks, not code. With this release, Lightning Flow becomes Salesforce Flow and includes both Process Builder and Process Flow which enable you to run scheduled paths after the triggering event. Now you can test and troubleshoot flows more easily with debugging tool enhancements and also enjoy usability improvements that make building and running flows easier on the eyes! Read more on Salesforce Flow here. 

Salesforce Meetings
With most meetings currently taking place virtually at the moment, it’s unsurprising to see a greater focus on Salesforce Meetings which gives sales teams the tools they need to prepare for meetings and engage attendees better than ever. Features such as Meeting Digest helps inform and align everyone attending the meeting, and Meeting Studio gives camera and presentation views to ensure everyone stays engaged. In addition, there are also updates on High Velocity Sales which includes Call Coaching with video calls, Call Coaching dashboards and cadence rules. Read about Sales Meetings and High Velocity Sales here. 

Salesforce Surveys & Lightning Scheduler
Updates to Salesforce Surveys enhances the flows and how you can schedule, send and follow up surveys to gather focused data and gain actionable insights from different data groups. There are also updates for User Engagement, Lightning Scheduler and Search. Read more on Salesforce Overall updates. 

Salesforce Anywhere adds Quip
It is no surprise to see collaboration taking centre stage in the latest release following Salesforce’s largest-ever acquisition of Slack for $27.7bn and the formation of Salesforce Anywhere in 2020. In this release, we see Salesforce Anywhere get a whole lot bigger with the addition of Quip for Customer 360. The all new ‘Salesforce Anywhere Advanced’ is designed to help your team make faster, smarter decisions in the context of your Salesforce data. Now you can have data at the centre of your teamwork with live Salesforce data in your documents, spreadsheets, templates, and messages. You can read the latest enhancements of Salesforce Anywhere here. 

There’s plenty more to discover with Salesforce Spring ’21 Release Notes,  so please take a read, enjoy and contact us if you would like further advice and support.

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We are now the Globant Salesforce Studio

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