We are now the Globant Salesforce Studio

Growing and Diversifying the Salesforce Ecosystem with the Salesforce Talent Alliance

CloudShift and the Salesforce Talent Alliance

CloudShift is proud to support the Salesforce Talent Alliance – an initiative that connects partners to job candidates newly trained on Salesforce to help bring new talent into the fast-growing ecosystem.
The Talent Alliance was launched this September and CloudShift was delighted to be one of the first onboard to help Salesforce attract diverse talent through inclusive recruitment practices to meet the ever-increasing demand for talent in the Ecosystem. If we look at IDC’s figures, the demand for Salesforce talent will grow to 4.2 million new jobs by 2024. To help bring new Trailblazers into the Salesforce ecosystem, we as partners need to work together to build a diverse workforce that is not only highly skilled, but that reflects society around the globe.

Salesforce Talent Alliance

Here’s what Talent Alliance partners pledge to:

  1. Hiring net-new Salesforce talent: Committing to dedicate 20% of annual hiring within their Salesforce practices to new Salesforce professionals.
  2. Automatic Interviews for Salesforce Training Programs: organisations guarantee interviews for location aligned, certified individuals from Salesforce training programs, like Salesforce Military and Pathfinder.
  3. Committing to inclusive hiring practices: organisations pledge to remove bias in job descriptions and standardise interview processes through competency-based interview questions.

The CloudShift Tech Academy

As one of the founding member of the UK Salesforce Talent Alliance, CloudShift is prioritising finding, training and put on the path to success all recent hires with our CloudShift Tech Academy.
We’ve designed our 6-month fast track Tech Academy to provide people with the tools, resource and experience necessary to develop the foundations of their Salesforce knowledge and place them on the path to becoming highly effective Consultants or Developers. This month alone we welcomed two more Shifties as Graduate Technical Consultants!

Salesforce’s commitment to training and inclusivity is evident in all the great work that’s already happening across the ecosystem with Trailhead, and training and reskilling opportunities. You can learn more about the Talent Alliance at sfdc.co/talentalliance.

For more information, please visit the CloudShift Tech Academy.

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We are now the Globant Salesforce Studio

We are delighted to announce that CloudShift has become the Globant UK Salesforce Studio.
Following our acquisition by Globant over 18 months ago, CloudShift is now part of the Globant Salesforce Studio which is a 2,000 strong global Salesforce practice.

Read more about our transition here.