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On Wednesday 30th September we held the annual CloudShift & Salesforce Property Summit which this year went virtual for the first time. We had over 150 guests attend and a fantastic line up of speakers sharing their insights on their digital transformation journey and the range of Salesforce solutions.

In total, we had 13 separate sessions and over 4 hours of amazing customer stories and insightful Salesforce demos tailored for the property and real estate industry. Over the next fortnight, we will release vignette highlights for some of our videos so please check back soon to see what you might have missed! Everyone who pre-registered will have exclusive access to view recordings of all the sessions for the next 30 days.

The afternoon was kicked-off by CloudShift CEO Alastair Murray and Steve Corfield, Senior Vice President & GM at Salesforce, with an introduction and update on CloudShift and the wider Salesforce ecosystem. We then heard from four CloudShift Customers discussing how their industry has faired, and how they have used Salesforce solutions to adapt their business and enhance their Customer and employee experience. This was followed by five great sessions from our friends at Salesforce covering the latest innovations and solutions such as Tableau, MuleSoft and The event was concluded by Abi Chan and Jules Capewell who shed light on the secrets to implementation success and how CloudShift can help.

Below you will find details on all our speakers and we would be happy to personally talk you through their digital transformation journey and what Salesforce solutions would be most beneficial to your business.

Thank you to everyone who joined our event. We look forward to seeing you all at our next event on 13th October where a CloudShift Customer is presenting which is at Salesforce Live – “How GoCardless drive efficiency and CX through Salesforce”.

Salesforce Customer Sessions

Allan Walker, Director of Group Marketing at CALA Homes
“Accelerating sales and digitising the home buyer experience”
CALA Homes are a premium award-winning UK Property Developer. With CloudShift, CALA created a Blueprint and CRM Roadmap, implemented Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Trailhead, and are transforming their Customer Service Teams with Service Cloud, Field Service Lightning, Communities and Natterbox. Find out more on how CALA managed to process just under a year’s worth of sales administration tasks in under 80 days with Salesforce.

Judith kleine-Holthaus, Head of Data & Insights at Fora
“Designing a connected sales experience for office coworking”
Fora create vibrant, dynamic and customisable premium workspaces across the UK. CloudShift has developed complex multi-cloud solutions for Fora as well as Managed Service ongoing support. Judith explained how and why their business was set up with Salesforce, the business benefits and how they effectively responded to the recent environment using Salesforce solutions.

Mark Abram, Business Support Director at RMG
“Enabling customer 360 visibility within multi-channel contact centres”
Residental Management Group (RMG) are one of the largest and most respected Local Authority property management companies, managing over 110,000 households across the UK. Their recent implementation of Service Cloud across 4 call centres features multiple integrations from and to their back-end property management system. Resulting a reinvigorated Customer service experience and improved efficiency of staff by 13% within 2 months.

Mark Powell, Commercial Real Estate Sector Specialist
“Adapting and transforming within commercial real estate”
Mark Powell has over 30 years of experience in commercial real estate. Mark has vast experience in leading global Salesforce CRM implementations (including at Cushman & Wakefield with CloudShift), bridging technology and business, whilst driving user value and executive insight. In this interview, Mark was joined by Giles Sams from CloudShift, and both discuss their view on the commercial real estate trends, challenges and solutions.

Salesforce Product Sessions

Greg Koumondouros, Account Executive at Tableau
“Visualizing the future of property – how to use data to drive faster decision-making”
In this session, Greg introduced Tableau and explained how to empower your organisation with real-time interactive dashboards, advanced visual analytics and enhanced business intelligence. Greg demonstrated how the business intelligence software helps people see and understand their data and takes any kind of data from almost any system, and turns it into actionable insights with speed and ease.

Tom Janzen, Account Executive at MuleSoft
“Keeping you connected -integrating your data and teams”
MuleSoft seamlessly brings together all the applications, data and devices within your business network to create a truly connected organisation, streamlining your business processes and creating the infrastructure for superior business agility. In this session, Tom explained MuleSoft’s AnyPoint Platform which is a unified, highly productive, hybrid integration platform that creates a seamless application network of apps, data and devices with API-led connectivity.

Fraser Jeffrey, Lead Solution Engineer at Salesforce &
“Returning to work – how to manage your staff and get back onsite and into the office” is the new Salesforce platform to help businesses get back to their offices and resume on-site operations. Fraser took guests on a tour of the full range of solutions including the Command Center which is a single hub to get a 360-degree view to assess your return to work readiness and pulls together vital data from across your locations, employees and visitors.

Javier Alvarado, Marketing Cloud Account Executive at Salesforce
“Accelerating your digital marketing strategy – increasing reach and maximising marketing ROI”
Marketing Cloud provides a unified view of customers so businesses can create personalised, omnichannel, customer journeys. In our exclusive session, Javier Alvarado demonstrated how Marketing Cloud’s Journey Builder, alongside Einstein’s AI technology and personas, can create highly effective, personalised journeys.

Rhona Wallace, Lead Solution Engineer at Salesforce
“Engaging with Customers in a contact-free world – how to optimise sales and service”
In this Sales Cloud session, Rhona Wallace demonstrated how to harness the power of the Salesforce platform to create a multi-layered solution to empower multiple teams. She took us on a whistle-stop tour through the platform whilst taking the time to show the power of recent Salesforce solutions including Maps, Quip & MyTrailhead.

We would like to thank everyone who came along to enjoy all our Customer and Salesforce sessions and please contact us at so we can help you with your digital transformation journey.

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