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Service Cloud Voice | The future of the call-centre management

Salesforce launches Service Cloud Voice

Service Cloud Voice is now available to Customers and will revolutionise call-centre management. In this blog post we are going to guide you through all the innovative features and functionalities of this latest Salesforce product. The platform’s upcoming launch was first announced last year at Dreamforce and it has now become available to users. You can register for their launch webinar ‘Transform Your Contact Centre with AI-Powered Telephony’ at 11am 14th July.

Service Cloud Voice is a new product that will digitally transform the contact centre by embedding telephony inside the Salesforce Service Cloud platform. Thanks to Salesforce’s partnership with Amazon Connect, Customers will now have pre-integrated, out of the box telephony to digitize their call centers and provide flexible phone support from the home or office.

This means that, phone, digital channels and CRM data will now be integrated in real-time in one centralised console, bringing a seamless Customer experience across all service channels. 

According to the State of Service report (2019), 95 per cent of service teams offer Customer service via phone and 93 per cent of Customers still rely on it. Innovation in this field had involved chatbots, social media and many others, but telephony has been surprisingly left out and it is disjointed from other channels and CRM data. Now with Service Cloud Voice, agents won’t have to navigate multiple screens or rely on fragmented notes to trace back past interactions. Service Cloud Voice lets you integrate telephony and route calls on a single platform as well as leverage AI-powered recommendations thanks to Einstein AI.

Let’s take a look at this example – When a contact centre receives a Customer call, omnichannel routing redirects the call to the right agent and uses transcription capabilities to turn speech into text associated with that specific Customer record. Now the agent can deliver a personalised experience thanks to information such as past purchases, Customer information and past interactions on other channels. The transcribed text is then used by Einstein AI to suggest to the agent recommended responses and next best actions. All activities are also monitored through a new supervisor console allowing managers to monitor, intervene and support their team.

Why should you consider Service Cloud Voice?

  • Boost productivity: transcription capabilities will reduce data entry time for your service teams and focus your agents’ attention towards solving your Customers’ issues and focusing on solutions
  • AI-powered recommendations: Einstein AI leverages transcripts to provide recommended solutions, improving call resolution times and Customer experience.
  • Omnichannel visibility: managers will be able to view all activities in real-time, monitor call-rerouting and support their service teams where needed.

Let’s hear from Ellie Barrett, Global Alliances Manager at Natterbox, on how this key product innovation will benefit Customer experience and improve agent performance.

“Natterbox has been in the Salesforce telephony space for many years and it’s great to see voice being highlighted as an important communication channel. As recent Salesforce research suggests, phone interaction is in the top 3 channels of communication for every generation! Yet many people receive a poor Customer experience when they choose to call a company, even companies selling cutting edge technology or products. The voice channel no longer has to be the most painful way for a Customer to communicate with a business, especially when people tend to pick up the phone when the subject is important or has pressing time scales against it. By integrating phone data with your CRM data it allows businesses to personalise the telephony journey, automate low value enquiries and capture all interactions with the Customer. This also gives the agent the best experience by providing them with all Customer data in one screen so they can provide a personal, human response, rather than searching for Customer information.

Natterbox is a telephony solution 100% dedicated to the Salesforce platform. We are thrilled to be one of the first telephony partners chosen for ‘Bring Your Own Telephony’ for Service Cloud Voice. Our integration will support Customers that want a choice with voice.”

Would you like to know more about Service Cloud and its new AI capabilities? Get in touch with us and a member of our team will guide you through this innovative solution. Follow our blog for all Salesforce news and product releases! And don’t forget to register for their launch webinar ‘Transform Your Contact Centre with AI-Powered Telephony’ at 11am 14th July.

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