We are now the Globant Salesforce Studio

How a Salesforce Health-Check can help during challenging times

Salesforce Health-Check

We want to help you get the most out of your Salesforce org during this time of change.

A well-adopted Salesforce instance enables your business to operate highly efficiently, even during the most turbulent of times. The current economic climate means that it is more important than ever to continue to deliver your products and services whilst also enabling your employees and customers to communicate and collaborate virtually. We want to help make sure that your Salesforce Org is in tip top condition so that you can maintain the best relationships with your all stakeholders!

As the current markets develops and changes, its important for your business to be in a position to adapt and realign to meet the market needs. It is therefore vital that your Salesforce Org is also able to flex and adapt in the same way. However, this ability to adapt and realign can be challenging if your Salesforce Org is not maintained and optimised regularly. We’re here to help you ensure this is not the case and make sure you Salesforce Org is working smarter and harder, enabling you to continue operating with as little interruption as possible.

Benefits of a Salesforce Health-Check:

There are some quick wins that can really boost the productivity of your Salesforce org and help you realise the following outcomes!

Get the most out of your existing Salesforce Org

Giving your Salesforce Org a Health-Check can provide you with valuable business process insights, helping you identify your current org capabilities and where your instance could be tweaked or redeployed in order to ensure it is working smarter and harder in this climate. As many businesses are going through a significant change in the way we work its vital to asses how well your org is helping you meet these challenges and what could it do to better support you through these turbulent times.

Maintain strong relationships with your Customers

Assessing the state of your Reports and Dashboards will enable you to deliver amazing service for your Customers through informed conversations powered by detailed, accurate, real time reporting.

Increase User Adoption

More than ever it is important for your business to be maximising the power of Salesforce. Lack of knowledge on an aspect of your org can lead to a drop in user adoption, running a work-shop to identify where employee stress points are, and following up with the necessary training, can easily eliminate this issue and boost your org adoption!

Health-Check Key Outcomes:

  • Identify ‘quick win’ areas with new Salesforce features
  • Blueprint and road map for Salesforce success
  • Maximised efficiency of your Org
  • Key enhancements to increase user adoption

We are here and ready to help you during these challenging times and are completing Health Checks virtually with several Customers. Please reach out to us and we’ll see what we can do to get your business ready to meet and overcome these challenges as well as plan for the future.

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We are now the Globant Salesforce Studio

We are delighted to announce that CloudShift has become the Globant UK Salesforce Studio.
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