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Five Tips to Kick-Start Your Career in Tech

In recent years, the number of women in the tech industry has massively increased. At the same time, the number of opportunities within the Salesforce ecosystem has been growing at a rapid rate. 

We caught up with a few of our many CloudShift ladies including Abi and Marcelle from our Customer Solutions team, and Chloe our Marketing Cloud Senior Consultant to share some insights, tips and advice to women looking to kick-start their career in tech.

Ready? Here’s their five tips to help you get your career started in tech.

Take a Look at Your Wider Skill Set

First things first, you need to assess your capabilities in relation to what kind of role you wish to pursue. Do you have any transferable skills? Would you require a certification or a degree to pursue your new career? Write down all of these questions and find out the answers. Specific roles call for specific skills set so research and investigate what you need to succeed in your new career path.

“You should take a look at your wider skill set , learn business processes and understand how to drive requirements as the key part and there is definitely a future for you to up-skill and shift to a new course.”
Head of Solutions Engineering

Don’t Be Afraid to Come from a Different Background

The majority of people will have two or more career paths in their lives. Don’t be afraid to step up to the challenge and pursue a career in tech if you come from a different background.
There is a variety of roles within tech with varying degrees of technical expertise, so try lots of different things and see where your true passion lies.

“I would say that the world of technology is significantly changed and if you don't come from a traditional tech background or haven't been to uni, the door is not closed to you by any means.”
Head of Solutions Engineering
“If I were to give a piece of advice to women starting a career in tech it would be to not be afraid to come from a different background, whether you have or have not done a technical degree university or haven't been to university at all. Just find a place to get started and see if you like it. Technology is great because there are so many different products and different careers that you can make within tech so it's about trying lots of different things and seeing what you like and go from there.”
Head of Customer Solutions

Take Advantage of All Opportunities

If you are serious about starting or shifting your career into tech, don’t be shy and take advantage of every opportunity. For example, go to industry events where you can learn more and network with people in the industry. You may be able to get good advice or make connections that will help you in your journey to your new career. Get involved – it will make a world of difference.

“Take advantage of all the opportunities that you have. They may be little or small but any kind of events in the community that you can go along to is a very good way to start learning about new things and get involved in the tech community.”
Senior Marketing Cloud Consultant

Leverage Social Media Networks

Don’t underestimate the power of social media. Set up a LinkedIn account and reach out to people in the industry. It might be a long shot sometimes but you will be surprised by how using your social media channels and building relationships you can kick-start your new career.

“My advice for anyone who's looking to grow their career in technology is to extend out to all of your networks.“
Senior Marketing Cloud Consultant

Reach Out to Tech Communities

There are lots of initiatives in the industry targeted to women in tech. In the Salesforce’s ecosystem, we have great initiatives such as Ladies be Architects or Salesforce Supermums, which aim to help mothers get back into the workforce. Make sure to reach out to these communities and make the most of the support they can give you!

“So there's lot of different ways us women can move into the Salesforce ecosystem. There's some great initiatives such as Ladies be Architect, Trailhead, there's Supermums - all geared to help women enter the technology workforce and it is about being able to reach out to these different communities and taking the chance to develop your skills set.“
Head of Solutions Engineering

CloudShift is proud to be part of the Salesforce Ecosystem and the role that it plays into attracting more women in the tech industry. We are always looking for talent, so whether you have a consultancy background, are looking to get into tech or are a fresh graduate eager to start, check out our career section for all available vacancies. 

Can’t get enough? Check our Ladies Who Lead event from 2019!

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