We're proud sponsors of two school children in Nairobi, Kenya

St Martin’s School in Nairobi, Kenya has a mission to educate as many children as possible, providing them with a safe environment where they can play learn and receive regular meals. The school is located in Kibagare, one of the poorest areas in Nairobi. As part of our Pledge 1% initiative, CloudShift have the absolute pleasure of sponsoring two of the school’s pupils through their secondary school journey.


The sponsorship we provide covers the cost of education, accommodation, food and clothes for a whole year. We find it so rewarding knowing our sponsorship is going directly to these two children. We are delighted to receive a heartwarming message from both children as they finished each term, informing us how they are doing at school and what their aspirations are for the future!

No child should be denied the ability to go to school and strive to achieve a better future for themselves, and we take great pride in doing our bit to help these children realise their full potential. Find out more about St Martin’s School and the work they are doing to positively affect so many children’s lives in Nairobi.

You can also read more about our Pledge 1% initiative, where we give 1% of our time, profit and resources to help charities from a range of backgrounds, here. 

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