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What We Learned at Dreamforce To You


Key lessons from Dreamforce To You

Dreamforce To You London brought a host of new Salesforce updates, insightful conversations and inspiring talks. An estimated 5,000 people flocked to the London ExCel for a day of innovation and networking. As an event sponsor and Dreamforce Veteran, we were right at the centre of all the action which, luckily for you, allows us to gather some really insightful information and give you this handy highlights reel of Dreamforce To You!

Opening Keynote

The event was opened by new Salesforce UK & Ireland CEO dame Jayne-Anne Gadhia, whose insights focused on the merits of business values, noting how the values of Salesforce, trust, culture, innovation and equality played a large role in persuading her to join the business. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”, the CEO passionately said about the Salesforce values.

“You could have the best strategy in place but it won’t mean a thing if you don’t have the culture to fulfil and execute it”Dame Jayne-Anne Gadhi

Dame Jayne-Anne Gadhi was also joined on stage by Ariana Huffington, founder of the Huffington post and the two discussed finding the right balance between work and life outside of work. Interestingly Ariana talked of a key dilemma when facing this issue, “If you worked in a job that didn’t keep you busy 24/7 you probably would become bored and unmotivated, but you don’t actually want to be doing your job 24/7 because again you’d become bored and unmotivated”. So how do you strike up the right balance? According to Ariana we must commit to turning off at a set time each day in order to engage in our personal life. If we do this we’re placing ourselves in the best position to achieve success both in work and outside of work.

Marketing Cloud Keynote

The marketing keynote was up next and it delved into the latest unprecedented revolution in the marketing environment: consumers and their trust. The talk, delivered by Max Duvall, senior Salesforce Director, recognised how in this digital age, customers are getting more and more tech savvy and therefore trust needs to be at the centre of all our marketing activities. Max identified four pillars necessary to the success of every marketing team.

  1. Know your customers through data
  2. Personalisation
  3. Engage
  4. Analyse the data

Utilising these four pillars means we are taking the right steps to using our customers data responsibly and effectively and are therefore on the right path to gaining customers trust. However, gaining trust is not a one time thing it is ongoing, as business we must continuously display to our customers that we are worth their trust.

Sales Cloud Keynote

We also had the chance to check in on the Sales Cloud presentation, and what did we learn? Actionable insights are everything! Insight selling is the new gold standard of sales. It is vital to provide customers with valuable information and knowledge that they couldn’t otherwise find themselves or elsewhere.

So how is this achieved? Well, it comes down to three key areas:

  1. Information – automatically capture and retrieve customer information
  2. Insights – intelligently uncover their business insights
  3. Actions – focus on the right actions for you and your customers

Focus on these elements and you’ll uncover new opportunities, have sustained growth, future-proof your success and lock in customers for life!

Closing the event!

The final talk of the day was from Rachel Botsman, famous author and expert on trust and technology, who continued from where Max Duvall left off, focusing on customers and trust. Rachel kicked off her session with an exercise for those in the audience asking us to clap for whichever company we trusted the most out of Facebook, Uber and Amazon, Amazon was the clear favourite. Her point here was that all these companies are very data-driven and have multiple interactions with their customers, but more interactions doesn’t mean more trust; it’s about how you handle these interactions.

Trust is a very human emotion, it’s not one that can be outsourced to an algorithm, it’s about instilling a culture of trust and transparency throughout your business and when you deliver a good product or service, do what you say you will, and on time, you’ll understand your customers and their expectations of trust. Then you can start to build a relationship.

“Money is the currency of transactions, but trust is the currency of interactions.”Rachel Botsman

It was great to relive all our Dreamforce memories at Dreamforce To You London and catch up with so many people across the Salesforce ecosystem. If you missed any of our Dreamforce blogs then go check them out now!

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