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Highlights from Dreamforce ’19 Opening Keynote


Dreamforce ’19 Opening Keynote

Dreamforce has officially kicked off with Marc Benioff’s Opening Keynote yesterday afternoon at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

The opening keynote attracts a huge crowd each year, with everyone eager to hear about the latest developments and updates within the Salesforce Ecosystem. Team CloudShift were in attendance and we have prepared some highlights for everyone who couldn’t make it or couldn’t tune in to watch it live

Ready to find out what we learned?

Sustainable Innovation

Salesforce is thriving and that is largely due to its investment in people and the planet. The CRM giant has cemented is position as a leader in innovation, philanthropy and culture, by adding numerous industry awards to their collection; Best Workplace for Innovators, People’s 1# Companies that Care and Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For just to name a few. These awards come at no surprise considering the impact that Salesforce has on the global economy, with the IDC projecting 4.2 m jobs by 2025 and 1.2T of new revenue!

Salesforce is thriving by being a platform for change and social action, as CO-CEO Keith Block states “At Salesforce we believe that business is the greatest platform for change. That’s why we’ve signed up at the UN to support sustainable development goals. “ These goals will form a guideline for businesses like Salesforce to make lasting change.

In the opening keynote, Keith Block laid out Salesforce’s sustainability and equality goals which included; committing 90M dollars to public education, achieving 100% renewable energy usage by FY2022, installing LEED platinum offices, dedicating $10M  to closing the gender pay gap, pledging 1M new jobs for the American workforce and attaining net-zero emissions with carbon-neutral cloud and step up coalition.

Training and Development

“We as trailblazers are to improve the state of the world with trust, customer success and equality, “ says Marc Benioff. The sentiment echoing the value that Salesforce places on building a culture for success, training and development.

One of the most inspiring Trailblazer stories from the opening keynote was hearing from Merivis, the organisation connects military veterans to Salesforce careers. Founded by U.S. Air Force veterans Hector Perez, Kate Perez, and Joe Castro, the company is built on the principle that if you are climbing to the top look back and pull your brother or sister up with you. A sentiment you could feel the whole audience get behind, recognising that we need equality to thrive, for instance, 3.5 billion women could currently benefit from career-building skills training and by not empowering them economically we are not taking full advantage of a resource that will be beneficial for our economy and the wider market.

Salesforce stresses the importance of building skills for the future and your career and it is committed to people’s education and training to unleash one’s potential and build a career in the Salesforce ecosystem. And they doubled down on this commitment by making all Trailhead courses accessible on mobile via Trailhead GO, which was made possible thanks to a strategic partnership with Apple, find out more about it here.

Technology for the future

Brands can no longer ignore the value of connected customer experiences. Our customers expect smart intelligent experiences and we do the same as consumers – Marc Benioff talks about an intelligence revolution, where brands need to leverage technology to create seamless customer experiences across all devices and channels.

Benioff mentions State Farm and Louis Vuitton as the ultimate trailblazers. The two brands might not share the same offering but they do share the same ethos of putting customers at the centre of everything they do by using Salesforce 360. The platform Customer 360 Truth was launched in this opening keynote, the tool combines a set of capabilities that unites all data points to build a single source of truth, delivering personalised and one-on-one experiences for your customers.

Honing in on how important connected data is was Adam Selipsky, who stated that, “Everyone needs data to make better decisions and create impact, no matter the industry”, the Tableau CEO joined Benioff on the Dreamforce stage to discuss Salesforce’s latest acquisition.

It was a whirlwind of announcements and the best way to kick off 4 days of learning and development at Dreamforce. Stay tuned into our blog for all the Dreamforce news from our team in San Francisco.

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