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Salesforce announces Winter ‘20 Release

Salesforce announces Winter ‘20 Release

The Salesforce Winter ‘20 release is here! Salesforce announced on the 14th of October that this new release is now available to customers worldwide and will feature many new additions.

This is the latest of Salesforce’s seasonal releases which, without fail, each time delivers hundreds of innovative features and provides its customers with a seamless and automatic upgrade.

Here at CloudShift, we are so excited to find out more – the latest announcement promises more than 300 innovations including clouds, products, new features and add-ons! The release will include the new Manufacturing Cloud and Consumer Goods Cloud, as well as a brand-new mobile app, a single customer view with Customer 360 Data Manager and Salesforce’s new and improved Content Management System!

New Clouds

Salesforce introduces two recent additions to their portfolio: Manufacturing and Consumer Goods Cloud. Manufacturing Cloud will help Salesforce’s customers track their production and sales process; whereas, the latter supports Customers in achieving improved inventory management in store.

Manufacturing customers will have the chance to unify sales agreements, orders, contracts, and opportunities, use AI to forecast quantity and revenue. On the other hand, innovation in retail means making every store the perfect store, stocked with the right product, with the right price and right promotion driven by data.

New Salesforce mobile app

By mid-October, Salesforce users will experience an optimised mobile experience with the new Salesforce Mobile App. The App brings the Lightning Experience available on desktop to mobile users along with many key features, that admins can use to customise the mobile experience. Salesforce introduces Mobile Publisher, to customise the experience even more and create a unified experience for its users.

Customer 360 Data Manager

A single Customer View will be a reality with Customer 360. The platform provides a unified ID across Salesforce apps; companies will then be able to deliver a unified cross-channel experience and satisfy ever-increasing needs for personalisation in marketing. The platform will give Salesforce users and unified customer profile that can be used across one’s organisation.

Salesforce Content Management System

The new Salesforce CMS is here with updated design and options. CMS for Community Cloud has evolved into Salesforce CMS and will enable businesses to share content across communities, create custom content types and localise content thanks to the multi-language option. Companies will have the chance to add languages to new and existing CMS workspaces and offer content in all the languages that cater to their audience and customer base.

Excited about this latest release? Don’t forget to check out the Winter ’20 release notes and Salesforce’s latest blog to find more information and marketing resources.
Want to stay up to date with all Salesforce news on the CloudShift blog? Read our latest blog on Salesforce here.

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We are now the Globant Salesforce Studio

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