Jack joined CloudShift in December 2018 as a Cloud Consultant and has quickly become a valued member of the team. We caught up with Jack about his experience so far and his reasons for moving to CloudShift in the first place.

What first drew you to Cloudshift?

CloudShift has been an up and coming company for some time now and I had heard a lot about them through my network. I made the decision to interview and after speaking to three senior members of the team, I felt that the direction the company was going was somewhere I wanted to be.

What have been your highlights so far?

I’ve been driven to increase my training which has been a great push in the right direction. With my first project, I’ve been given the chance to work on something completely different and gain some great insight into other sections of the Salesforce world. We’ve also had some great social nights out, and I’m sure there’s always a face or two ready to grab a drink after work!

What was your background before joining CloudShift? 

Prior to Cloudshift, I worked as a Fraud and Risk manager running a team of seven people checking members credentials through fraud services such as Experian, iOvation and Sira. I then became the Service Operations Manager in charge of my last company’s relationship with their outsourced vendor. This led me to our Salesforce implementation, and I was one of the key stakeholders for the project. I was then offered the position of taking over the Salesforce platform as their Administrator, as I have a technical background.

What are your hobbies/interests?

I’m a big Rugby fan and being Irish I’m a proud Munster supporter. I’m also a keen sailor as I’ve been sailing for most of my childhood and I’m a certified instructor. Travelling is also a keen interest of mine. I love seeing new places and exploring.

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