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5 Ways in which Cloud Technology can aid your Small Business

So often in Small Businesses, the “Sale” becomes the most important goal, but how often do you look at the current process and think we could be growing faster, working more efficiently or what are our competitors doing better? With so much choice available to consumers, it is so important that small businesses implement the correct CRM system and adopt cloud technology to create a successful, well-connected and happy productive team.

Cloud computing/technology is basically computing based on the internet.  Chances are you are actually using cloud technology already, when you update your social media you are in the cloud, sending an email yep in the cloud again, even mobile banking.  In fact, it was reported that by the end of 2015 at least 90% of small businesses where actually using at least one cloud based app.

Here at CloudShift we have seen firsthand how cloud technology can enhance a small business. Take a look at 5 ways in which cloud technology can aid your small business.


  1. A bespoke system tailored to your needs

CloudShift understands that no two businesses are alike which is why it is essential you implement a cloud based CRM platform designed specifically for your business. Our discovery workshops will consider how your people, process and platforms operate across the Customer experience, identifying areas of improvement to enhance your company performance, insight, satisfaction and retention.

We will work with you to identify your key business drivers and develop those into a clear vision.


  1. Competitiveness

Who doesn’t love a bit of healthy competition?  The transparency of cloud technology allows your sales team to not only track their wins and obstacles but, through dashboard reporting they can also compare it with that of their colleagues. The effect?  A salesperson who is more motivated to excel above their peers and discover areas of improvement.  What about the ability to act faster than a larger more established competitor?  Ever heard the story of the little mouse and the elephant?


  1. Superior Customer Relationship Management

This is what it’s all about really.  Your sales team success depends on having reliable, relevant and up-to-date customer data.  Imagine being in front of a customer and being able to accesses real-time information instantaneously, having a cloud-based CRM platform means your team can do this irrespective of where they are or what device they are using.


  1. Work from Anywhere

By implementing cloud technology, you should expect to see an increase in efficiency and productivity.  In addition to formalising your sales processes, Cloud Technology enables salespeople to literally work from anywhere, on the road, home or worldwide.  This is thanks to the many features that cloud technology offers.


  1. Smarter Document Control

Using Cloud Technology means all files are stored centrally, everyone sees the same version.  No more emailing attachments back and forth waiting for others to respond.  No conflicting files or lost sales contracts.  Improved collaboration can ultimately mean a better bottom line.


Cloud technology can bring many benefits to improve small businesses, many of us at CloudShift were Customers like you before we set up our business. We speak your language and understand how to get things up and running quickly with little disruption.

CloudShift offers both bespoke and packaged, fixed cost implementation services to fit all needs and budgets.  We are a Salesforce.com partner with a highly accredited team geared to create tailored solutions to help you and your business succeed.

Contact us today and see how Cloud Technology can aid your Small Business.


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We are now the Globant Salesforce Studio

We are delighted to announce that CloudShift has become the Globant UK Salesforce Studio.
Following our acquisition by Globant over 18 months ago, CloudShift is now part of the Globant Salesforce Studio which is a 2,000 strong global Salesforce practice.

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